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  • 16 Bits, No Missing Codes
  • Fixed-Channel or Automatic Channel Scan
  • Open-Sensor Detection
  • Conversion Control Pin
  • Fixed-Channel Data Rate: 125kSPS
  • ADS1158IRTCT

RANTLE ADS1158IRTCT is a low noise 16-channel (multiplexed). This device is a 16-bit and delta sigma ADC (analog-to-digital converter).

Thus, it can provide single-cycle data from 1.8 k to 23.7 k channel scan rates sample per second (SPS) per channel. The ADS1158IRTCT operates from a bipolar ±2.5V or unipolar +5V analog supply and digital supply. They are compatible with interfaces ranging from 2.7 V to 5.25 V.

ADS1158IRTCT Supplier in China

RANTLE ADS1158IRTCT has an input multiplexer. It can accept the combination of 16 single-ended or eight differential inputs. When operating with a 5 V reference, a true bipolar ranges into ±2.5V or 5 V of differential full-scale range.

The differential output of the multiplexer is accessible. Thus, before the input of the ADC, it can allow signal conditioning.

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The ADS1158IRTCT comes with delta-sigma modulator in a fourth-order. It is followed by sinc digital filter in a fifth-order. Because of this, it can optimize for low noise performance. Due to its internal system monitor registers, it can provide a temperature, gain, and reference voltage. Also, it provides a supply voltage of Conversion Control Pin, and provides an offset data.

Furthermore, RANTLE ADS1158IRTCT generates 32.768 kHz crystal system clock through an on board PLL. Also, the external clock source can be overridden. In order to drive additional converters or microcontrollers, the 15.7MHz or buffered system clock output is provided.

ADS1158IRTCT Distributor

All RANTLE ADS1158IRTCT is handled via SPI-compatible interface regarding to a serial digital communication of the device. The channel configuration, digital I/O, data rates, and monitor functions is controlled by a structure of simple command word. The device has current sources of programmable sensor bias. This can be used to verify sensor integrity or to bias sensors.

RANTLE ADS1158IRTCT is widely used for Avionics, Medical, and Process Control. Also, it is useful for Machine Monitoring, System Monitoring, and Fast Scan Multi-Channel Instrumentation. Additionally, it is ideal for Industrial Systems, Test Systems, and Measurement Systems.

ADS1158IRTCT Application

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