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  • secure the connections between connector terminals and FFC-FPC
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  • dual contact
  • robust solder tabs
  • 046298006000883+

RANTLE 046298006000883+ is FFC-FPC SMT connectors. This connector has a feature for the specific needs of wide variety of application and space.

The 046298006000883+ comes with a various option of fine-pitch such as flip-type and push actuators. Also, it included pre-assembled covers in order to secure the connections between connector terminals and FFC-FPC.

046298006000883+ Supplier

RANTLE offers 046298006000883+ for tight-packaging applications because it has a wide range of SMT FFC/FPC in an ultra-low-profile. We provide 046298006000883+ which are manufactured with higher-density and lower profile features in order to meet electronic equipment maker’s needs.

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The RANTLE 046298006000883+ comes with new features such as it includes a dual contact. Thus, it is able to eliminate the need in sourcing bottom mount versions and different top. For further space savings, it has a narrow width version. Also, it provides a retention and additional cable alignment because it has an actuator locking styles and various cable tab.

RANTLE 046298006000883+ is robust in solder tabs. It comes with a compact height, length, and depth features. It has actuator designs and robust terminal. Using RANTLE 046298006000883+ can save space for your mobile device applications. It allows for cycling repeat with a minimum wear. It is able to secure strain relief and PCB retention for solder tail joints. It has a higher cable and contact retention reliability.

046298006000883+ Distributor

RANTLE 046298006000883+ FFC-FPC connectors has a broad range of product line-up. RANTLE offers the best combination of signal compactness, reliability, cable style and wide range of circuit size.

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