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  • frequency range: 500 kHz up to 100mHz
  • isolation voltage: up to 4000 VAC
  • maximum 8mA DC current
  • temperature range: -40°C up to +85°C
  • 749022016

RANTLE 749022016 is a LAN type and both an audio and signal transformers. SMD and SMT termination style. It also has 500 kHz up to 100mHz frequency range. It does have 350uH inductance and isolation voltage up to 4000 VAC. Its minimum temperature range of operating is only 0 Celsius. Its maximum range of operating temperature is up to +75 Celsius.


It does have only 1 channel and cut tape packaging. It is size has a length of 24.55 mm. Its width is up to 17 mm. It also has a 10.85 mm height. Our 749022016 has an 8mA current rating. Moreover, it has a maximum of 8mA DC current.

RANTLE 749022016 is also a WE-LAN Base-T 10/100 transformer. It is also designed with surface mount designs. It has minimum of 350µH inductance.

Our 749022016 has only one single port. It has -40°C up to +85°C temperature range. It also has Hipot test of 1500 VRMS in every 1 minute. It does have coplanarity up to <0.1mm.

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RANTLE 749022016 features toroidal coil structure and it is fully insulated. It also provides epoxy resin for insulation material. RANTLE 749022016 will also provide grounding volts for an effective grounding and prevention of electric shook and static electricity. It also has an excellent electrical conductivity and clear parameters.

Additionally, RANTLE 749022016 is an RoHS compliance. Furthermore, it is very applicable in many ways. It includes capable auto MDIX. It is also applicable in and ideally suited for LAN ethernet use.

749022016 Distributor

RANTLE knows that it is not easy to source electronic components including 749022016. That is why we will give the best of our services to provide you accurate solution for your problems. Nowadays, it is also hard to look for a trusted supplier and distributor of electronic components especially 749022016. Because of that, we are proud to say that for more than 16 years, we have achieved the title as the most trusted and leading distributor of electronic component. If you wish to order 749022016 and other electronic components, your always choice is RANTLE. We’ll always provide you the highest quality 749022016. We also offer you fastest delivery within 2-5 days after you pay.

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RANTLE has an approachable personnel and affectionate staffs to guide you with the buying process. We have experts and professional team who always make sure that we will give you the assurance that you can have functional and authentic model number. RANTLE will surely satisfy your needs. For more information and details, be able to contact us the sooner the better.




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