• Fast shipment with 28046304
  • reduce density of a connection
  • improvements in both electrical and thermal performance
  • route heat away
  • reduced package thickness
  • 28046304

RANTLE 28046304 is a Ball Grid Array (BGA). This BGA has become popular for SMD ICs which requires a connection with high density. Using the IC package of under-size is able to reduce the density of a connection and simplifying PCB layout rather than using connection around the edge.

28046304 Application Board

RANTLE 28046304 BGA is designed to provide many benefits to equipment manufacturer and IC as well as providing benefits to the users of an equipment. 28046304 BGA can benefits over other technologies such as efficient use of circuit board space. It allows connections which made under SMD package and not just in its periphery.

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In addition, RANTLE 28046304 BGA provide benefits in providing improvements in both electrical and thermal performance. It offers controlled impedance traces for signals and ground planes and power for low inductances. Through the pads, it is able to route heat away.

RANTLE 28046304 Ball Grid Array providing a better level of solderability and wide spacing between connections. Through improved soldering, it resulting improvements in manufacturing yields. Moreover, the RANTLE 28046304 BGA has a reduced package thickness. That’s why, it is surely a great advantage during many assemblies needed to be made much thinner such as mobile phones.

28046304 Distributor

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