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  • 8-bit low-power CMOS microcontroller
  • EEPROM with 4k bytes
  • SRAM with 16k bytes
  • consumes low AVR power
  • high performance 8-bit microcontroller
  • 2-cycle on chip multiplier
  • ATMEGA1284P-AU

RANTLE ATMEGA1284P-AU is an 8-bit low-power CMOS microcontroller based on improved RISC architecture’s AVR. It acquires throughput approximately 1MIPS per MHz by performing a powerful instruction from a single clock rotation. This allows all system designers to improve the power consumption and processing speed.

ATMEGA1284P-AU Supplier

Its AVR core is incorporated with 32 sets of instructions working registers general instructions. These 32 general purpose registers are straightly linked to Arithmetic Logic Unit or ALU. This enables the two-independent registers in a single instruction to be accessed from one clock series. The result architecture achieves up to 10 times faster throughputs than CISC conventional microcontrollers.

RANTLE ATMEGA1284P-AU features EEPROM with 4k bytes and SRAM with 16k bytes. It consumes low AVR power. It also has high performance 8-bit microcontroller. Our ATMEGA1284P-AU provides 131 sets of powerful instructions executed in a single-clock rotation. It also features complete static operation and 20MHz throughput up to about 20 MIPS. It also provides 2-cycle on chip multiplier, data memories and nonvolatile programs. Our ATMEGA1284P-AU has self-programmable 128k bytes in-system flash.

RANTLE ATMEGA1284P-AU is designed with 10,000 endurance write or erase cycles. It also operates a true read-while-write. For a software security, our ATMEGA1284P-AU has programming lock design. It also has fuses, flash programming and lock bits. It is also incorporated with compare modes and individual prescalers with two 8-bit counter/timer. It also features 10-bit ADC with 8 channels and PWM channels. This model number also consists of two USART programmable serial and master or slave serial interface.

ATMEGA1284P-AU on the Board

Furthermore, RANTLE ATMEGA1284P-AU has wake-up and interrupt pin change. It also has analog on-chip comparator and watchdog programmable with on-chip separate oscillator. It features special microcontroller including internal and external interrupt sources. Our ATMEGA1284P-AU has brown-out programmable detection and power-on reset. This also has RC internal calibrated oscillator.

RANTLE will always provide the best ATMEGA1284P-AU and other electronic components according to your desired use.

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ATMEGA1284P-AU Feature

ATMEGA1284P-AU Feature

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RANTLE ATMEGA1284P-AU provides sleep modes including idle and standby. It also has power-down, noise ADC reduction and power-save sleep modes. It is also designed with programmable 32 I/O lines. Our ATMEGA1284P-AU has 1.8 up to 5.5V operating voltages. It also has 0.1 µA power-down mode and 0.7 µA power-save mode.

ATMEGA1284P-AU Distributor

Moreover, RANTLE ATMEGA1284P-AU can be best used for C compilers. It can also be applicable in macro assemblers and program debugger or simulators. Our ATMEGA1284P-AU has wide range of uses including evaluation kit. This is also highly suitable for in-circuit emulator uses.


ATMEGA1284P-AU Application board

In case you encounter difficulties in sourcing electronic components, RANTLE will always be on your side to help you. We will provide you the best quality ATMEGA1284P-AU at a reasonable price. We will also provide you best services. Choose ATMEGA1284P-AU among our 300 model numbers available.


ATMEGA1284P-AU Introduction

ATMEGA1284P-AU Introduction

ATmega1284P Ordering Information

ATmega1284P-AU, Tmega1284P-PU, ATmega1284P-MU

ATmega1284P Ordering Information


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