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  • Good Price for PTH12010WAH
  • Up to 12-A Output Current
  • 12-V Input Voltage
  • Output Voltage Sense
  • Margin Up/Down Controls
  • Operating Temperature: –40°C to 85°C
  • PTH12010WAH

RANTLE PTH12010WAH is a non-isolated power module. These devices are small in size but flexible. Even if it is small but it is great on performance.

PTH12010WAH comes with industry-leading features, compact footprints, and high current output. The certain features offer a versatile module in the system. It is for powering the complex multi-processor in a digital system.

PTH12010WAH Supplier

RANTLE PTH12010WAH has a double-sided surface to provide high performance on the device.

This mount construction provides step-down power conversation to an output current ranges up to 12 A. Our PTH12010WAH has W-suffix parts. Its output voltage can be set to 1.2 V to 5.5 V ranges. It also comes with L- suffix devices which have ranges adjustment up to 0.8 V to 1.8 V.

The W-suffix and L-suffix are using single external resistor settings.

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RANTLE PTH12010WAH comes with Auto-Track sequencing. This feature enabling the modules to track each other. It simplifies the supply voltage task sequencing in a power system or any external voltage when power down or power up.

Furthermore, our PTH12010WAH characteristics include margin up and down controls, on and off inhibit, and have the adjustment of the output voltage. It has also the ability to start up the prebias and output voltage. Providing a sense of an output voltage for improving load regulation. PTH12010WAH has a fault protection load that serves as a trip of non-latching over current.

PTH12010WAH Supplier

Our PTH12010WAH is widely used in the multiprocessor system and complex multi-voltage. These applications are incorporated in the industry’s high-speed DSP family including bus drivers and microprocessors.

Moreover, RANTLE PTH12010WAH is used to prevent electrostatic damage from MOS gates. It has a lead that shorted together in conductive foam which devices are placed. It also comes with built-in ESD protection but it is limited in the PTH12010WAH device. The control pin of the device has an internal pull-up into the input voltage.

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