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  • 1 MHz switching frequency
  • output voltage range: 0.72 V to 3.63 V typical
  • built-in undervoltage lockout
  • input voltage: 3.0 V to 5.5 V
  • 88PG877-A3-NFB1C000

RANTLE 88PG877-A3-NFB1C000 device is an intelligent Step-Down digital synchronous (Buck) switching regulator. There is no external compensation required in this step-down regulator.

It is self-compensated internally and work with output capacitors with low ESR. Thus, it is able to minimize the board space, simplify the design, and reduces external component’s amount.

88PG877-A3-NFB1C000 Supplier in China

RANTLE 88PG877-A3-NFB1C000 has a 1 MHz switching frequency. Because of this, it can allow the use of low value capacitors and low-profile surface mount inductors. The step-down regulator provides the user to easily set the voltage output with logic control, external resistors, and serial data interface. Additionally, it has typical 0.72 V to 3.63 V output voltage range.

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RANTLE 88PG877-A3-NFB1C000 devices have a various key feature. It includes an internal current limit, soft start, and thermal shutdown. 88PG877-A3-NFB1C000 devices comes with Power-on Reset signal, built-in undervoltage lockout, and over voltage protection. It is widely used for portable computing and power supplies of disk drive.

Moreover, RANTLE 88PG877-A3-NFB1C000 operates 3.0 V to 5.5 V of input voltage, and has over 95% of efficiency. The 88PG877-A3-NFB1C000 has a current limit of peak switch up to 7.5A. The device is stable with output capacitors of ceramic. It provides 64 output voltage selection in any voltage technology to provide flexibility.

88PG877-A3-NFB1C000 Distributor

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