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  • 50 nanosecond recovery time
  • operating junction temperature of 175°C
  • low forward voltage
  • low leakage current
  • ESD ratings including machine model in C (> 400 V)
  • human body of 3B (> 16,000 V)
  • 600 V reverse voltage
  • MUR820

RANTLE offers a wide range of electronic components in different model number. RANTLE have MUR820 which is designed for switching power supply use, free wheeling diodes as well as inverters.

RANTLE provide high quality MUR820 which features 50 nanosecond recovery time and has 25 ultrafast. It has an operating junction temperature of 175°C. We offer MUR820 with low forward voltage and low leakage current.

MUR820 Supplier

All RANTLE MUR820 has an ESD ratings including machine model in C (> 400 V) and a human body of 3B (> 16,000 V). RANTLE has a wide range of MUR820 with 600 V reverse voltage and meets epoxy of UL 94 V-0 at 0.125 in. You are ensured of your MUR820 are deliver with high quality.

RANTLE MUR820 is widely used for automotive or other application that requires unique site and requirements of control change including PPAP capable and AEC-Q101. All RANTLE MUR820 devices are RoHS compliant and Pb-free.

RANTLE MUR820 comes with mechanical characteristics including epoxy and molded case. It weighing approximately 1.9 grams, and has a maximum of 260°C for 10 Seconds soldering purposes lead temperature. MUR820 devices are all finish in corrosion resistant on external surfaces and readily solderable terminal leads.

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MUR820 Features

MUR820 Features

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Reliable MUR820 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Looking for a business partner to help in your business’ success? Are you having difficulties in sourcing MUR820 and other electronic components? Are you even finding the right supplier and distributor of MUR820 and other electronic components? You don’t have to go far! RANTLE is always willing to assist you. We will provide the most exact solution for your sourcing problem. That is why, we offer almost 300 model numbers available including MUR820 to support your business.

MUR820 Distributor

We become the most trusted and leading independent distributor and supplier of electronic components worldwide with over 16 years of experience in the market. RANTLE offers electronic components globally in a variety of industry including aerospace, military, medical, computer and other industries. All our components are tested by our control team to make sure it is functional and authentic before shipping.

MUR820 Application Board

At RANTLE, we have approachable and well-educated staff personnel to assist and guide you when buying from us.  Hardworking quality control team are always working hard to ensure the quality of the part number before we distribute it to our customers. We always provide high quality electronic components at a reasonable price. We also offer fast delivery within 1-5 days only after you pay.

MUR820 Mechanical Characteristics

MUR820 Mechanical Characteristics

When buying MUR820 and other electronic components, always consider RANTLE. We will always be online to support your purchasing, we will response you quickly!

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