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  • automatically mountable
  • 15 A current rating
  • higher level performance
  • solder pad termination style
  • SFH-1415B

RANTLE SFH-1415B is free from halogen and environmentally conscious. It has protection for lion battery from the threat of overcharging and overcurrent. Its self-protector control is safe from overheating. Enable to protect the device from overcharging, the circuits are cut-off when elements fuse melts. As well as the electric current flow through the heater will be automatically stopped.

Via all-purpose mounter chip, RANTLE SFH-1415B will be automatically mountable. At the same time, it is automatically mountable when the reflow solderable is using high melting alloy in the device as a fusible alloy. Our SFH-1415B is features up to 15 A current rating which provides higher level performance of the device.

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Reliable SFH-1415B Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE SFH-1415B has a surface mounting feature. It has 5.4 X 3.2 X 1.35 mm fuse size for a desirable use. It also provides 2 terminal channels and 5.4 mm product length. It has 3.2 mm SFH-1415B depth. Our SFH-1415B has maximum of 1.35 mm height. It also has a solder pad termination style.

RANTLE SFH-1415B type of fuse which is surface mounted that quickly interrupts the overcharging as well as the overcurrent to the Li-on battery which is rechargeable. By the features mentioned, our SFH-1415B encompasses a broad range of uses. RANTLE SFH-1415B is usually used for computers. It is also highly suitable for Audio/video. In addition, it is perfect for cellular phones. Moreover, our SFH-1415B is ideal for automobile use.

SFH-1415B Distributor

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