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  • Competitive Price for MAX202IPWR
  • Operates at 5-V VCC Supply
  • Meets or Exceeds the Requirements of TIA/EIA-232-F and ITU v.28 Standards
  • Operates Up To 120 kbit/s
  • ESD Protection for RS-232 Bus Pins
  • MAX202IPWR

RANTLE MAX202IPWR features RS-232 pins ESD protection. It also has ±15-kV human body model. It exceeds the ITU v.28 and TIA/EIA-232-F standards. This also have 5V VCC and 120Kbit/s operating supply. It provides 4 × 0.1 µF external capacitors.

It also has 100 mA performance per JESD 78. It also consists two-line receivers and drivers with a double circuit charge-pump. It provides electrical interface in the asynchronous serial-port connector and communication controller.

MAX202IPWR Supplier

RANTLE MAX202IPWR incorporates charge pump and external small capacitors keeps the single 5V operation supply. It has up to 120Kbit signaling operation rates and maximum slew rate up to 30-V/µs driver.

RANTLE MAX202IPWR has low-dropout output transmitter stage. It allows the true RS-232 to perform 3.0V up to 5.5V power supply. It only requires four 0.1µF small external capacitors.

With RANTLE MAX202IPWR you can guarantee that it can run data rates up to 250Kbps in normal mode while it maintains RS-232 level outputs. It can operate up to 1 Mbps for operating MegaBaud™ mode.

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Reliable MAX202IPWR Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Our MAX202IPWR has shutdown mode 1µA that minimizes power consumption and prolong battery life for portable systems. Its shutdown mode remains active which enables modems and other external devices to be monitored by only using 1µA current supply. It also has additional extra outputs which are always active to monitor modems and other external devices without biasing the external diodes.

Furthermore, RANTLE MAX202IPWR has a vast range of uses usually for PDAs and notebooks. It is also best used for palmtops, PCs and laptops. Its applications also typically include hand-help equipment and other battery-powered systems. Additionally, our MAX202IPWR are also used for sub notebooks and high-speed modems. This is also very suitable for peripheral and printer usage. RANTLE will always provide you MAX202IPWR that really suits your needs. Truly, RANTLE has the best and incredible MAX202IPWR.

MAX202IPWR Distributor

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MAX202IPWR Description

MAX202IPWR Description

MAX202IPWR absolute maximum ratings

MAX202IPWR absolute maximum ratings




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