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  • Competitive price for DS1307ZN
  • 56 byte nonvolatile RAM for data storage
  • Consumes less than 500 nA in battery backup mode with oscillator running
  • 2-wire serial interface
  • Automatic power-fail detect and switch circuitry
  • Real time clock counts seconds, minutes, hours, date of the month, month, day of the week, and year
  • DS1307ZN

RANTLE DS1307ZN is a low power serial real time clock, nonvolatile 56 bytes SRAM, and full BCD clock/calendar. This clock/calendar can provide the information of minutes, seconds, day, hours, month, date and year.

DS1307ZN Supplier

It can operate any of the format, the 24-hour or 12-hour format with AM/PM indicator provided. The data and address are serially transffered via bi-directional bus.

RANTLE DS1307ZN comes with built-in sense circuit power. It automatically switches to the battery supply and can detect power failure.

The DS1307ZN is able to operate on the serial bus as slave device. By implementing the START condition, the access is obtained providing the identification code of a device.

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RANTLE DS1307ZN comes with Serial Clock Input (SCL) for synchronizing data movement on the serial interface. It has the SDA pin or Serial Data Input/Output). This pin is use for 2-wire serial interface. The SDA pin requires external pullup resistor because it isopen drain. Also, it has Square Wave/Output Driver (SQW/OUT). The SQWE bit is set to 1 when enabled. It is also requires external pullup resistor as Serial Data Input/Output. It can operate with either Vbat or Vcc applied.

RANTLE provide DS1307ZN with internal oscillator circuitry. It is designed for crystal operation having load capacitance specification of 12.5pF. Thedevice can provide VCC and GND-DC power. The device is fully accessible when VCC is applied in normal limits. Thus, the data can be read and written.

DS1307ZN Distributor

Furthermore, RANTLE DS1307ZN has Control Register that can be use to control SQW/OUT pin operation. When the SQW output is disabling, the OUT bit can control the SQW/OUT pin output level. It can also control the square wave output frequency when it is enabled.

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DS1307ZN Real Time Clock Breakout Board Kit

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