Professional AFBR-57J7APZ Supplier in China

  • Good Price for AFBR-57J7APZ
  • 7.4 Gb/s signaling rates
  • operate with 50μm OM3 up to 200mm for only 7.3728 Gb/s
  • surface emitting vertical cavity laser up to 850nm
  • has -40°C up to 85°C industrial temperature
  • up to 3.3V ± 10% voltage supply operation
  • AFBR-57J7APZ

RANTLE AFBR-57J7APZ is an optical transceiver. It provides higher speed of serial links over a multimode of optical fiber with up to a 7.4 Gb/s signaling rates.  It is for a wireless station base uses which involves CPRI and OBSAI protocols and other related applications. RANTLE AFBR-57J7APZ optical transceiver is incorporated with SFP or small form pluggable in a multi-source agreement with SFF-8472 and INF8074.

It is for an FOCIS/IEC specification. Also, it is for an electrical and mechanical specifications for an LC optical duplex connector. RANTLE AFBR-57J7APZ is SFF-8472 compliant for the enhancement of conventional small form pluggable interface.

FBR-57J7APZ Supplier in China

RANTLE AFBR-57J7APZ optical transceiver offers real-time temperature by the use of dual wire serial interfaced. It includes the bias laser current and laser output average power. It also offers supply voltage and received power input.

This is an additional to mentioned conventional base small form pluggable data. Our AFBR-57J7APZ also has diagnostic digital interface that adds the capacity to remove the monitor and transmitter. Also, to disable loss of signal from receiver and transmitter fault.

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AFBR-57J7APZ Features

AFBR-57J7APZ Features

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RANTLE AFBR-57J7APZ is a RoHS compliant. It has diagnostic features in every SFF-847. It also features real-time monitors. It includes optical transmitted powers and supply voltage. It also offers temperature, optical received power and bias laser current. It has -40°C up to 85°C industrial temperature and up to 3.3V ± 10% voltage supply operation. It does have interface management specifications in every SFF committee.

Additionally, RANTLE AFBR-57J7APZ has SFF committee mechanical specifications and advanced pluggable formfactor. It can also operate with 50μm OM3 up to 200mm for only 7.3728 Gb/s. Moreover, RANTLE AFBR-57J7APZ has duplex optical LC connector interface. Our AFBR-57J7APZ has surface emitting vertical cavity laser up to 850nm source technology. It will give you eye protection from laser. It also features fault isolation. This enables the host to locate quickly the link failure and reduce the downtime.

AFBR-57J7APZ Distributor

Furthermore, RANTLE AFBR-57J7APZ can be used in many ways including fiber channels. It is also suitable for applications that uses gigabit ethernet. This is also perfect for cellular and wireless base interconnect station system.

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AFBR-57J7APZ Application Board

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AFBR-57J7APZ Description

AFBR-57J7APZ Description

AFBR-57J7APZ Related Products

AFBR-57J7APZ Related Products

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