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  • Fast Delivery with GM76C88ALK-15
  • Non-volatile storage with backup batteries
  • Directly TTL compatible : All output and input
  • Standard 28 DIP, SOP, and S-DIP
  • 3-state output with wired OR capability
  • Single Power Supply
  • GM76C88ALK-15

RANTLE offers GM76C88ALK-15 with improved circuit techniques operating a maximum current depending on its standby current that supply low power feature.

GM76C88ALK-15 are designed to make deals for applications in a very low requirements of standby power with the back-up of batteries requiring non-volatile storage.

GM76C88ALK-15 Supplier

It requires no clock external or refreshing circuits due to its static nature and asynchronous of the memory.

Our GM76C88ALK-15 uses complementary metal oxide semiconductor technology (CMOS). By using this technology, GM76C88ALK-15 provides a very high noise-immunity and noise-margin.

Also provide the lowest power dissipation of all gates and has an extremely large fan-out capability.

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GM76C88ALK-15 Features

GM76C88ALK-15 Features

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Reliable GM76C88ALK-15 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Our GM76C88ALK-15 comes with various bit pin-compatible, simultaneous dual sampling, low power consumption, high-speed, good analog-to-converters or ADCs and featuring successive approximation register or SAR. It is able to operate in various ranges of power supply. Depending on its MSPS, GM76C88ALK-15 featuring throughput rates.

We offer GM76C88ALK-15 with control inputs. The control input and data retention control allow the devices to select the two chips enable and provides fast access of the memory due to its output that enables the input (OE).Thus, GM76C88ALK-15 is high speed and is low power required with the back-up of the battery which suitable for use in various application systems of the microprocessor. For allowing greater system flexibility and for eliminating bus contention problems, you can use our GM76C88ALK-15 which are equipped with pin of output and chip enable. All RANTLE GM76C88ALK-15 offered in a different package type like a dual-in-line pin package and plastic package in standard type.

GM76C88ALK-15 Distributor

RANTLE GM76C88ALK-15also featuring various kinds of bit EPROM with compatibility of the pin. RAM and EPROM are flexible in application system of the microprocessor due to its interchangeable EPROM in the same socket. Our GM76C88ALK-15 provides protection of electronic, and sensitive automotive from transients and other transient voltage events induced by load dump.

Additionally, RANTLE GM76C88ALK-15 are widely used for automotive applications that is popular in dissipation power rating.The products of automotive-grade are well-suited for applications in high reliability and the package standard and foot print compact allow quick and easy layout in applications high reliability.

RANTLE can be your most trusted GM76C88ALK-15 IC distributor with 16 years of distribution experience. We are independent GM76C88ALK-15 distributor from China, who have been dealing with all kinds of electronic components for over 15 years. At RANTLE, we reserve a large number of electronic components such as a part number GM76C88ALK-15 IC and we have broad and unobstructed channel for supply source.

We have been distributing all kinds of Integrated Circuits to more than one hundred popular electronic companies globally including Texas Instruments (TI), Analog Devices, Inc (ADI), Maxim Integrated, Altera, and many others.

To ensure the quality of all the parts we deal, our quality control team is working hard. You have nothing to worry because we provide 30 days warranty for your order.

GM76C88ALK-15 Description

GM76C88ALK-15 Description

GM76C88ALK-15 Block Diagram

GM76C88ALK-15 Block Diagram

If you choose us, RANTLE can guarantee you strong source of GM76C88ALK-15 IC. We will become long-term business partners and build a splendid future together. Contact with us today!

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