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RANTLE PKM29-3A0 is a piezoelectric sound component in a self-drive type. The PKM29-3A0 self-drive type sounder requires Dc power supply and simple circuit. It is available for alarms which needed a large sound volume because PKM29-3A0 uses resonant system.

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RANTLE PKM29-3A0 is widely use for burglar alarms, gas alarms, and smoke detectors. Also, it is useful for microwave ovens, air conditioners, circuits, game machines, toys, home-electronic appliances and washing machines controlled by microcomputer.

RANTLE PKM29-3A0 piezoelectric sounders externally driven are used in electronic calculators, telephones, digital watches and other equipment. They are driven from an LSI by a signal in order to provide melodious sound.

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RANTLE PKM29-3A0 piezoelectric sounders are optimize for small devices including clinical thermometers, glucose meters, portable terminals and photoflashes for cameras. The self-drive type PKM29-3A0 is designed for mounting high-density and have been manufactured in high-performance ceramics, structure design and acoustic designs technology.

RANTLE PKM29-3A0 are sound components to generate a sound. Thus, it is suitable for input signal use such as melody, multi-tone, and so forth without built-in circuits of oscillation. That is why, the characteristic of PKM29-3A0 is able to use in a wide range of applications. Also, it can be used for general purpose because the device is optimizing for high-density, small mounting and pin type.

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Taking advantage of materials experience, extensive acoustic and automatic insertion technology designing, RANTLE offers a wide range of standard taping type of piezoelectric sounder. If you use RANTLE PKM29-3A0, your applications will achieve a very clear sound. It is light weight and ultra-thin. No contacts, therefore it is highly reliable and no noise. It consumes low power for voltage type.

RANTLE offers PKM29-3A0 piezoelectric sounder for telephones. Using PKM29-3A0 makes your telephone achieves clear sound. It is quite negligible for the power consumption since it is voltage driven. Also, it can be directly driven from ICs.

PKM29-3A0 Application

RANTLE has a lot to offer when it comes to sourcing different electronic components including PKM29-3A0. We are also a verified and trusted leading supplier of electronic components globally. You can always order PKM29-3A0 or other electronic components from us. Choose from our 300 model numbers we have. We will give you the highest quality PKM29-3A0 and other electronic components. We also offer excellent, incredible and unrivalled services. RANTLE will deliver your orders for only 2-5 days after you pay even in a short notice.

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