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RANTLE DMG2302UK-7 MOSFET is designed to reduce the resistance on state. While this maintain the superior performance in switching. It is perfect for high efficiency management power applications such as backlighting. It is also the best used for management of power functions.

DMG2302UK-7 Supplier

RANTLE DMG2302UK-7 also has different features that makes it ideal for motor control and DC-DC converter uses.

RANTLE DMG2302UK-7 features low on-resistance and swift switching speed. It also has ESD gate protected and antimony and halogen free. Additionally, it is completely lead free.

It is also totally RoHS compliant. Furthermore, it has green device and AEC-Q101 Standards qualified for high reliability and performance.

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DMG2302UK-7 Features and Benefits

DMG2302UK-7 Features and Benefits

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RANTLE DMG2302UK-7 has green plastic molded and molding compound for its case material. It has 94V-0 classification rating for UL flammability. It also has level one every J-STD-020 moisture sensitivity. Its copper lead frame has annealed matte tin finish terminals. It does have MIL-STD-202 solderable, method 208. It has SMD/SMT mounting style and N-channel transistor polarity. Our DMG2302UK-7 has minimum of -55 C and maximum of 150 C operating temperature. It also has up to 660mW power dissipation.

RANTLE DMG2302UK-7 features single configuration. It also provides enhancement channel mode. It has 1.7 ns fall time and 2.7 ns rise time. It has typically 4.2 ns turn-off time delay and 0.6 ns typical turn-on time delay. This also has 90 mOhms on-drain source resistance and 20 V drain-source breakdown voltage. It is comprised of 1 channel and 2.8 A continuous drain current. Additionally, it has 300 mV threshold voltage.

DMG2302UK-7 Distributor

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DMG2302UK-7 Description and Applications

DMG2302UK-7 Description and Applications

DMG2302UK-7 Mechanical Data

DMG2302UK-7 Mechanical Data

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