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RANTLE TDA1308T are widely used for mobile audio applications made with class AB stereo. Pre-biasing the two transistors is the action achieved by the output stage in the amplifier. Depending on the current output amount and pre-biasing, the transistor should conduct between 180and  360o. 

It is contained in 8 leads, packed with outline small plastic and dual in-line plastic. The  TDA1308T is constructed in a complementary metal oxide semiconductor progression.

TDA1308T Supplier

RANTLE offers durable TDA1308T Headphone Amplifier and Board Stable Preamplifier for Arduino 3V-6V. RANTLE is an independent TDA1308T distributor with wide temperature range.

Sourcing TDA1308T at RANTLE in China is the best place for you because it is excellent in power supply. These highly integrated devices incorporate many advanced features including sizeable voltage swing output,and short circuit resistant.

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Reliable TDA1308T Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Every RANTLE TDA1308T is designed to demonstrate a complete high performance, high signal to noise ratio, high slew rate and low distortion. We provide TDA1308T capable to supply voltage ranges 3.0 – 7.0 V for single parameter and 1.5 – 3.5 V for dual parameter.

Our TDA1308T comes with an integrated circuit package with two rows of pins and dual in-line package with a molded plastic body. In terms of soldering TDA1308T, the solder temperature reaches the permissible temperature of 260 °C.

TDA1308T Distributor

RANTLE provide TDA1308T with high performance, low-cost capacity driver for small interior speakers. The TDA1308T supplies connection in single ended and differential input for stereo headphones. Thus, it measures high and low level voltage to the input channel which is common to all the inputs. It can operate with low voltage power supply and can consume a quiescent current. To aid a power dissipation, our TDA1308T IC is designed with power-enhanced packages. It is incorporated with auto-recovery for thermal and over-current protection.

Furthermore, RANTLE TDA1308T is designed with bridge-tied-load amplifiers, this can double the voltage swing at the speaker, compared to a speaker that is connected at the ground. To take off the feedback signal from the output, the input stage of an amplifier performs the critical duty enable to generate the signal error in the output. TDA1308T voltage signal are very small which able to generate a minimal allotment of overall distortion.

If you can’t find standard products that quite meet your application requirements, we at RANTLE, can supply all part number for your needs. Weare independent TDA1308T IC distributor globally.


RANTLE has a wide and unobstructed channel for supply source, and reserves a large number of electronic components for you.Besides, we have founded a long-term business relationship with the global famous electronic companies. Our goal is to be the most popular distributors of IC and other electrical component.

We have been distributing electronic components for more than 15 years, we guarantee you TDA1308T is at highest quality, have best performance at its best price. Feel free to contact with us today if you are interested on our high performance TDA1308TIC. Our knowledgeable sales team will contact you back.




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