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  • Internal current limiting
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  • Computer: Printers, Audio/Graphic Cards, Optical Storage, Hard Disk Drive
  • Networking: XDSL, Modems, DC-DC Modules
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RANTLE L5970AD will be able to deliver over 1.5A current because of its switching regulator. Furthermore, its monolithic power which is step-down has a current limit of 2A. You can set its output voltage from 1.235V-35V. Because of SO8 package that has exposed frame, our L5970AD have achieved the highest current level. This allows the reduction of Rth(j-amb) to about 40°C/W.

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RANTLE L5970ADcontains DMOS-transistor and P-Channel from internal. This allows high efficiency performance because it helps not to use the bootstrap capacitor. Our L5970AD has internal operator that fastens the frequency of switching.  This helps to minimize the dimension of the external components.

RANTLE L5970AD is especially designed for 5V bus because it has only least voltage up to 4.4V. It offers protection for short circuit and constant current for effective use. This is through the modulation of internal frequency current limited pulse by pulse.

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L5970AD General Features

L5970AD General Features



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RANTLE L5970AD features internal switch which is 2A. Its input voltage ranges from 4.4V up to 36V when operating. It also provides adjustable output voltage of 1.235V up to 35V. RANTLE also offers L5970AD with low dropout when operating. It also has duty cycle of 100%. Our L5970AD has fixed frequency from internal with 500kHz and feed forward voltage.

RANTLE L5970AD also offers current operation with zero load capacity and current limiting internally. It is also obstruction for a none current consumption. This also has a feedback disconnection protection. Our L5970AD has 1.1 thermal shutdown. This device is also obtainable in standard assembly of MINI DIP 8 and SMD assembly from SO16W.

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RANTLE L5970AD is ideal for STB, LCD monitors, car radio and televisions. It is also best for industrial use such as converters for DC-DC car battery and chargers. RANTLE L5970AD has wide range of applications for computers, HDD, optical storage and printers. It is also perfect for networking use such as DC-DC modules, modems and XDSL.

It is not easy to source electronic components. That is why, RANTLE is there to provide solution to your tough electric component sourcing problem.

RANTLE is a self-sufficient distributor and supplier of electric components for many years. RANTLE offers L5970AD IC globally. Also, we have established a long-term business alliance with most popular electronic companies worldwide.

L5970AD Application Board

At RANTLE, thousands of L5970AD are distributed worldwide to satisfy and meet your high-standard requirements. We supply L5970AD that is suitable for your different applications. For more than 10 years of distributing electronic components, we will provide you high quality standard L5970AD IC.

RANTLE has a large number of L5970AD IC stocks for immediate delivery. We offer fast delivery of L5970AD. You can receive your order of DDC264CZAW within 2-5 days.

L5970AD Description

L5970AD Description



We recommend you our bet quality L5970AD IC without bothersome. We offer 30 days warranty so you can save money and time. You can focus on your business.

If you choose us, rest assured that you can get the best quality of L5970AD. We will provide you the most excellent quality electronic components at the reasonable price.

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