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  • CMOS silicon gate technology
  • consumes low power
  • high noise endurance
  • Schottky TTL-like low power circuits
  • high-speed 3 to 8 CMOS line latch decoder
  • typical 21 ns propagation delay
  • 80 µA quiescent current
  • 2 V up to 6 V broad range of power voltage supply
  • MM74HC154N

FAIRCHILD/NSC MM74HC154N uses improved CMOS silicon gate technology. It is used for the memory address and routing data applications. It consumes low power and does have high noise endurance of CMOS that comes with Schottky TTL-like low power circuits. It also has 4 binary input selects namely A, B, C, and D. When the device is turned on, the inputs regulate which one will go low out of the 16 commonly high outputs. The two low actives are offered for easy cascading of the decoders that have little to without external logic involved. Each one of the outputs can drive up to 10 Schottky TTL low power equivalent loads. All RANTLE MM74HC154N inputs are protected from harm because of the diodes’ static discharge and excess transient voltage to ground and VCC.

MM74HC154N Supplier

MM74HC154N( ON/MOTOROLA MC74HC154N) is a high-speed 3 to 8 CMOS line latch decoder. It has the same speed of performance with LSTTL that consumes low power. If the GL moved from low to high, address present from the select inputs are put in the latch. If the GL is still high, there will be nothing address changes to be recognized.

RANTLE MM74HC154N(MC74HC154N) features a typical 21 ns propagation delay. It also has power supply of 80 µA quiescent current. It also offers 2 V up to 6 V broad range of power voltage supply. It does have maximum of 1 µA low current input.

MM74HC154N Application

It also features a typical 12 ns high-speed TPD at every 5V VCC. It has a maximum of 4 µA low dissipation of power at every 25 °C. With 10 LSTTL drive output capability loads. Our MM74HC154N has output symmetrical impedance and balanced delay propagation.  FAIRCHILD/NSC MM74HC154N also features function and pin-compatible with 54/74LS237.

 MOTOROLA/ON MC74HC154N has a lot of features that provide different uses including executing of glitch-free decoders from the bus-oriented stored-address application systems.

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MM74HC154N Features

MM74HC154N Features

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MM74HC154N General Description

MM74HC154N General Description

MM74HC154N Connection Diagram

MM74HC154N Connection Diagram

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