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  • Competitive Price for LTC3225EDDB
  • Low Noise Constant Frequency Charging of Two Series Super capacitors
  • Programmable Charging Current (Up to 150mA)
  • Automatic Cell Balancing Prevents Capacitor Overvoltage During Charging
  • Selectable 2.4V or 2.65V Regulation per Cell
  • Tiny Application Circuit
  • LTC3225EDDB

RANTLE LTC3225EDDB is a programmable super capacitor charger.

This kind of charger designed to charge the two super capacitors in series.

This super capacitor charger has automatic cell balancing.The importance of the automatic cell balancing is to prevent over voltage damage to both super capacitors.

LTC3225EDDB Supplier

That’s why, there is no balancing of resistors are required.

By using LTC3225EDDB super capacitor charger, it will provide a low possibility trouble of current.

It has low input noise. RANTLE LTC3225EDDB is programmed with external resistors when charging current level. It automatically enters the low current state when an input supplies are removed.  It will provide low external counts of the parts.

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The LTC3225EDDB is ideally suited for small battery-powered applications. It is also useful for current limited application, HDD bursts, and GSM/GPRS transmitter.

Current level can be programmed with external resistors when charging.After the removal of input supply, LTC3225 will penetrate a low current state automatically and it will shown less than 1μA from super capacitors. TheLTC3225 can be bought in 10-lead 3mm x 2mm and their all components has a height of <1mm.

RANTLE LTC3225EDDB comes with multiple pin functions. It includes a positive terminal flying capacitor and negative terminal flying capacitor. You should connect the ceramic capacitor from positive to negative terminal.

In addition, RANTLE LTC3225EDDB has a midpoint of two super  capacitors series. This is a pin voltage that will force to tract when charging. Thus, it can achieve a balance of the voltage from top and bottom supercapacitors.

RANTLE LTC3225EDDB also has an active low shutdown input. It allows the device to put in a low current mode or shutdown mode. It has an indicator called open-drain output status. When the drain pin is open, it will remain low until the output voltage is within 6% of its value. Moreover, RANTLE LTC3225EDDB has an input selection output voltage, programming pin of charging current, and charge pump output pin. These pins can regulate the final voltage.

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LTC3225EDDB Distributor

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