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  • Good Price for TQ2-L2-12V
  • Flat compact size
  • Suitable for SMD automatic insertion
  • High density mounting
  • DIL terminal array enables use of IC sockets
  • Low thermal electromotive force
  • TQ2-L2-12V

RANTLE TQ2-L2-12V features 14(L) by 9(H) by .551(L) flat size compact design. It also has up to 140mW highly sensitive operating normal power. It has seesaw mechanism balance that allows highly systematic polar magnetic circuitry. A minimum of 79mW operating power is highly achieved through nominal 140mW operating power.


Our TQ2-L2-12V can be fit for automatic insertion SMD or SA type. It has a 5.6mm height and has relay that met the specifications of JIS C 0806. It also features high solidity possible highly efficient mounting magnetic circuits. This ensure low leakage magnetic flux. RANTLE offers TQ2-L2-12V with twin gild-clad crossbar that allows high reliability contact.

RANTLE TQ2-L2-12V provides DIL array terminals that allows IC sockets to be used. It also has low electromotive thermal force and up to 140mW low consumption of power. Through the use of separate coil structure and coil structures and contact sections that helps to reduce electromagnetic thermal force up to about 5 µV low level. It can also achieve up to 2 µV high density type surface mount. RANTLE TQ2-L2-12V is also available in a latching type and self-clinching terminal.

RANTLE TQ2-L2-12V offers different types of surface-mount including low profile terminal surface mount. This also has high connection terminal reliability surface mount. Additionally, RANTLE TQ2-L2-12V has space saving terminal surface mount. It is also available in M.B.B types of contact.

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TQ2-L2-12V Datasheet

TQ2-L2-12V Datasheet


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RANTLE TQ2-L2-12V encompasses a vast range of applications including communications. This is also ideal for measurement equipment uses. Typically, RANTLE TQ2-L2-12V is used for OA equipment and mostly industrial machines. Indeed, RANTLE can give you high quality TQ2-L2-12V that is perfect according to your desired needs.


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