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  • Fast shipment with ADNV-6340
  • Four-wire serial port along with Power Down, and Reset pins
  • High speed motion detection – up to 45 ips and 20G
  • New LaserStream architecture for greatly improved optical navigation technology
  • Programmable frame rate over 7080 frames per second
  • ADNV-6340

RANTLE ADNV-6340 is a Single-Mode Vertical-Cavity Surface Emitting Laser or VCSEL. ADNV-6340 laser diode can form a compact and complete tracking system of the laser mouse.

ADNV-6340 mouse IC

It is along with the ADNS-6230-001 clip and ADNS-6120 or ADNS-6130-001 lens. These have no moving part. That’s why, it can offer less maintainace and high reliability for end user.

ADNV-6340 Supplier

RANTLE ADNV-6340 is not requiring precision optical alignment, facilitating high volume assembly. As ADNS-6230-001 VCSEL Assembly Clip and ADNS-6120 or ADNS-6130-001 Laser Mouse Lens, the ADNV-6340 component interlock are mounted onto the base plate.

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Reliable ADNV-6340 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE ADNV-6340 VCSEL can provide a single transverse mode and a single longitudinal laser diode. It is particularly suited as LEDs highly coherent replacement and consumes lower power. Also, it can provide reliable operating conditions, and provide operation range wider while it is still remain in a single mode.

Moreover, RANTLE ADNV-6340 VCSEL can provide illumination subsystem for the ADNS-6120 or ADNS-6130-001 Laser Mouse Lens along with VCSEL assembly clip. Together with ADNS-6120 or ADNS-6130-001 lens, it can provide the optical imaging and directed illumination necessary for Laser Mouse Sensor operation.

ADNV-6340 Distributor

The ADNV-6340 VCSEL can provide mechanical coupling into ADNS-6120 or ADNS-6130-001 lens due to VCSEL assembly clip. Thus, it can essentially achieve the proper alignment of the illumination which is required for the sensor. That’s why, it is able to operate on a wide variety of the surfaces.

ADNV-6340 PCB board

RANTLE ADNV-6340 VCSEL can maintain the output beam power along with the ADNS-6010. In contrast to single-mode VCSELs most oxide-based, these VCSELs remain within the operation of a single mode over a wide range of the output power. The ADNV-6340 device is significantly consuming lower power compared to an LED. Thus, it is ideal choice for the applications such as optical navigation.


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ADNV-6340 Application

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