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  • Competitive Price for MC68HC11D0CFN3
  • Expanded 16-bit timer system with four-stage programmable prescaler
  • Power-saving stop and wait modes
  • Real-time interrupt (RTI) circuit
  • Serial peripheral interface (SPI)
  • Power-saving stop and wait modes
  • MC68HC11D0CFN3

All RANTLE MC68HC11D0CFN3 is designed with SPI which allows the designer to understand respective read/write timing diagrams of microcontroller/EPROM in order to use it.

By the use of a Serial Peripheral Interface, it will consume less power to the application. The data can be transferred at high speed in tens of MHz.

RANTLE MC68HC11D0CFN3 comes with timer system to disable or enable timer Interrupt Service Routine’s (ISR’s) at run-time.

This highly integrated devices incorporate many advance features including serial communications interface that enables the serial exchange of data between a microprocessor and peripherals such as printers, scanners, or mice.

MC68HC11D0CFN3 Supplier

It has pulse accumulator circuit which offers maximum value and flexibility in meeting users data logging requirements.

MC68HC11D0CFN3 comes with memory addressability in which a computer identifies a memory location.

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MC68HC11D0CFN3 Features

MC68HC11D0CFN3 Features

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RANTLE MC68HC11D0CFN3 contains peripheral functions in highly complex on-chip. It can be available in programmable read-only memory and high-speed devices. The speed of MC68HC11D0CFN3 nominal bus ranges 3 MHz.


Our MC68HC11D0CFN3 are appropriate for use in a wide range of applications. It can be use from applications that uses a small number of controls to larger scale applications. The MC68HC11D0CFN3 used circuits that were previously implemented in standard logic. The large-scale applications include audio equipment such as decks and players, office equipment, communications equipment, automotive equipment, and home appliances.

MC68HC11D0CFN3 Distributor


RANTLE provide part number MC68HC11D0CFN3 which has specification of the output level at reset.By the help of the said specification it can be specified to be high or low for ports C and D in port units.The MC68HC11D0CFN3includes a high-performance on-chip circuit that added high-speed quality lock circuit.Thus, it will be able to conduct the C/N characteristics. RANTLE MC68HC11D0CFN3 provide an interface circuits in well-fixed on-chip. Featuring A/D converter which help accept an analog and signal whose dimensions lies in a given range and able to bring out corresponding digital signal.

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