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  • Competitive Price for DDC264CZAW
  • Adjustable Full-Scale Range
  • In-Package Bypass Capacitors Simplify PCB Design
  • Very Low Power: 3mW/channel
  • Low Noise: 6.3ppm of FSR
  • DDC264CZAW

RANTLE provides DDC264CZAW with a combination of both A/D conversion and current-to-voltage. This combination allows to separate the output devices in low level current such as a photodiode.

It can be connected directly to its digitized and input. It can also directly measure a 64 low level currents due to its single chip solution. Our DDC264CZAW is proven high-precision and has 100% charge collection integrating architecture.

DDC264CZAW Supplier

RANTLE DDC264CZAW devices has an easy upgrade for DDC family applications. Thus, this device is widely used for photodiode sensor, x-ray detection system, and CT scanner DAS.

It is designed with very low power and low noise. In addition, DDC264CZAW devices has an adjustable speed, serial interface daisy-chainable, and adjustable full-scale range. Also, it has simplified PCB design bypass capacitors in package.

Furthermore, RANTLE DDC264CZAW uses the proven front-end dual switch integrator. The onboard A/D can digitize the dual switch integrator. This allows for having a continuous current integration while the other is integrating in the input current.

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Reliable DDC264CZAW Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

DDC264CZAW can reach from 160μ s to 1s adjustable integration time. So, it allows the current to be measured continuously with an outstanding precision. When you use DDC264CZAW IC from RANTLE, you should simply connect the device output to the input so you can create the chain. Because it is designed with a serial interface for daisy-chaining the multi-device system.

The DDC264CZAW provided by RANTLE uses an analog supply range +5V and digital supply ranges from +2.7 V to +3.6 V. It can minimize the requirements of external component through to its bypass capacitors within the device package. The DDC264CZAW package is able to operate over the temperature of 0 °C to +70°C. To achieve the digital overhead in a multi-system to be minimal, all the devices in the chain is fed by the common clocking.

DDC264CZAW Distributor

Sourcing an electronic component has never been easy. However, RANTLE can solve your most difficult component sourcing problem. We are independent distributor of electronic components for years. Also, we deal DDC264CZAW IC worldwide. Besides, we have founded a long-term business relationship with the global famous electronic companies.

At RANTLE, there are thousands of DDC264CZAW IC available to meet the requirements of your different applications.With almost 15 years of service, RANTLE give you the best quality and high-standard DDC264CZAW IC. We have a huge number in stock for immediately deliver. We offer swift delivery of your DDC264CZAW. Your order will be able to reach your desk within 2-5 business days.

We commend you our highest quality DDC264CZAW IC without troublesome and your order will be reach within 2-5 days. RANTLE provide 30 days warranty.We can save your time and money.

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