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  • Competitive Price for OXPCIE952-FBAG
  • Dual UART or single UART plus IEEE1284 parallel port configurations
  • Typical Power: 200 mWatts
  • ExpressCard, Mini Card & AIC compatible
  • Automated in & out-of-band flow control

RANTLE OXPCIE952-FBAG is a port device in a single chip with dual serial ranges in various numbers of port solutions.

It is perfect for ExpressCard and MiniCard. It is design with power and temperature with universal power management and comes with standard industrial temperature.

OXPCIE952-FBAG Supplier

Our OXPCIE952-FBAG is designed with high performance system.

Additionally, RANTLE OXPCIE952-FBAG is complete with the Oxide software tools and certified device drivers, make the device easy to design-in.

We have a range of products like industrial control, point of sale terminals and industrial PC.

RANTLE also provides PC add-on cards, network management and building automation for a good connectivity solution.

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OXPCIE952-FBAG General Features

OXPCIE952-FBAG General Features

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Reliable OXPCIE952-FBAG Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

At RANTLE, we combined 15Mbps data rates and FIFOs to accomplish high-quality performance.  RANTLE OXPCIE952-FBAG is incorporated with bus master and CPU overhead. It also has improved MSI interrupt handler for optimum system performance. Its pre-scaler flexible clock provides a wide baud rate.

RANTLE OXPCIE952-FBAG is designed with FIFO levels, automated in-band flow and RS485 to provide fine tune performance. Furthermore, it has a single and dual UART with IEEE1284 port configurations. This device has combined high performance and unparalleled flexibility for ideal applications. Its temperature ranges from -40°C to 85°C.  It has 3.3V supply for a robust operation.

OXPCIE952-FBAG Distributor

RANTLE OXPCIE952-FBAG provides a thorough reference design kit (RDK). This includes software driver, hardware and development tools needed for PC installation. You just have to plug the PCI Express board to PCI slot. Then, install software and it is ready to be used.

At RANTLE, you can find OXPCIE952-FBAG that contains oxide development tools. It enables OXPCIE952-FBAG customization in a minute. It lessens the time consumed for manual editing of files and drivers. It also simplified the error prone programming source code. Surely, we can give you OXPCIE952-FBAG that suits your needs and applications.

Oxide development tools provides point and click and text box entry. It helps for an errorless and faster customization of OXPCIE952-FBAG. It also helps to minimize software expertise. RANTLE OXPCIE952-FBAG provides access to reference designs, software and up to date documentation.

At RANTLE, we guarantee standard and high-quality sourcing part number OXPCIE952-FBAG. All OXPCIE952-FBAG are WHQL approved and exhaustively tested. You can save your time and you can have peace of mind for all of your orders.


We, at RANTLE as an independent OXPCIE952-FBAG distributor for the leading manufacturers worldwide,we assure you a strong source of electronic components. RANTLE is the best choice if you are looking for long lasting OXPCIE952-FBAG. We accumulate “reputable” business philosophy and achieves wide supports from customers.

RANTLE provides OXPCIE952-FBAG with a high-quality, competitive price, swift delivery, quality service, and global sourcing network. Over the years, RANTLE had developed channels of supply to provide excellent products. We also built cooperation and relationship towards customers. Chain management and other services are also offered by RANTLE to meet our customer’s needs. For every OXPCIE952-FBAG provided by RANTLE, you can assure product development and production.

We aim to be your best business partner. For more inquiries, feel free to contact us.


OXPCIE952-FBAG Key Features

OXPCIE952-FBAG Key Features

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