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  • Good price for AQV251G
  • continuous load of about 3.5 A current
  • 550mW power dissipation
  • load current up to 2.2 A every 100 V
  • a load rating for AC and DC
  • lower CxR values
  • AQV251G

RANTLE AQV251G offers a continuous load of about 3.5 A current. It substitutes the mechanical relays and mercury. It is a PCB mount solid state relays. 1 form A or SPST-NO contact relay form. It also has a 30 VDC, 30 VAC load voltage rating. It does have a 3.5 A current load rating. Our AQV251G is designed with MOSFET Output type.

In addition, it has up to 550mW power dissipation. It also has a high switching capacity. Moreover, RANTLE AQV251G has typically 33mΩ lower on-resistance and also high sensitivity. It does have a dual packaging option. All RANTLE AQV251G is an RoHS and REACH compliant.

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RANTLE AQV251G features higher stability contact resistance. It is available both tape or reel and tube packaging. Our AQV251G provides load current up to 2.2 A every 100 V. It also features lower leakage off-state current over the lifetime of the component. It has a lower CxR values. It also has an input and output with higher optical isolation.

Furthermore, RANTLE AQV251G has a load rating for AC and DC as well. Additionally, it has a longer operation life and higher vibration. It also has shock resistance and without switching noise. Our AQV251G is designed with without arcing and no bounce.

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Reliable AQV251G Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE AQV251G encompasses across a wide range of uses and applications. Our AQV251G is typically used for instrumentation. It is also ideal to be used for measurement and test. Additionally, it can be perfectly used for security and medical application.

AQV251G Distributor

RANTLE AQV251G can be used also for data communications. Moreover, it is ideal to use for automotive applications. It can also be applied for a traffic and railway signals. Furthermore, RANTLE AQV251G is ideally suited for other industrial applications.

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