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  • Fast Delivery with 2SA794-R
  • High collector-emitter voltage (Base open) VCEO
  • Optimum for the driver stage of low-frequency and 40 W to 100 W output amplifier
  • TO-126B package which requires no insulation plate for installation to the heat sink
  • Good power signal that can able to operate in 100% mode
  • 2SA794-R

RANTLE 2SA794-R are widely used for networking cards, mobile computing, solid state drive, factory and building automation. It is also best suited for servers, printers, projectors, data terminal and point of sale. Also, RANTLE deals 2SA794-R in various function.

It can be use for output driver in low frequency, digital circuits, driver amplification, and power amplification.

RANTLE 2SA794-R are designed with high voltage collector-emitter. The output amplifier ranges up to 40 W to 100 W and optimum for the low-frequency driver stage.

2SA794-R Supplier

Our 2SA794-R is able to supply a radial taping due to its new S type packaging. All RANTLE 2SA794-R are designed according to IEC standards.

RANTLE 2SA794-R can maintain high efficiency down to very light loads through the automatic power save mode in the device.

The device conceives an internal soft start circuit and good power signal that can able to operate in 100% mode. 2SA794-R incorporates a thermal shutdown as well as HICCUP for fault protection. The 2SA794-R are available in QFN-8 packaging in a 2 x 1.5mm.

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2SA794-R Features

2SA794-R Features


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RANTLE 2SA794-R has a very low inactive current which has only 4µA. 2SA794-R is easy to use DC-DC converter as synchronous step-down and can be used in all-purpose. The input voltage of the 2SA794-R ranges from 2.4 V to 5.5 V and able to supply output current ranges up to 3A. Our 2SA794-R is on DCS Control Topology basis. Thus, it can provide fast-transient response.

2SA794-R Supplier

RANTLE2SA794-R has an internal reference. This reference allows an output voltage regulates down to 0.6 V. The output voltage has an accuracy of 1% high feedback voltage over -40°C to 125°C junction temperature.  The 2SA794-R can be used in a small 470nH inductors due to the compatibility of BOM-to-BOM device family and 1,2,3A scalable pin-to-pin.

We have been distributing all kinds of Integrated Circuits to more than one hundred popular electronic companies globally including Texas Instruments (TI), Analog Devices, Inc (ADI), Maxim Integrated, Altera, and many others.At RANTLE, we reserve a large number of electronic components such as a part number 2SA794-R IC and we have broad and unobstructed channel for supply source.

RANTLE can be your most trusted 2SA794-R IC distributor for years of distribution experience. We are independent2SA794-R IC distributor from China, who have been dealing with all kinds of electronic components for over 15 years.

To ensure the quality of all the parts we deal, our quality control team is working hard. You have nothing to worry because we provide 30 days warranty for your order.

2SA794-R Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta = 25°C

2SA794-R Absolute Maximum Ratings

2SA794-R Electrical Characteristics Ta = 25°C ± 3°C

2SA794-R Electrical Characteristics

If you choose us,RANTLE can guarantee you strong source of 2SA794-R IC. We will become long-term business partners and build a splendid future together.

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