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  • Competitive price BA7649AF
  • 5-input / 1-output switches
  • Wide operating supply voltage range (4.5V to 13.0V)
  • Excellent frequency characteristics (10MHz, 0dB Typ.)
  • Wide dynamic range (3.5VP-P Typ.)
  • DIP / SOP 14 pin package
  • BA7649AF

RANTLE BA7649AF are designed for video cassette recorder and televisions use.

BA7649AF Supplier

It is also useful for VCR, camcorders, switching video signal,and other display signal application.

RANTLE BA7649AF comes with 1-output switches, and built-in mute. It has an excellent frequency characteristic and can consume low power ranges 48mW Typ. BA7649AF can supply 4.5 V to 13.0 V operating voltage. It has a wide dynamic that able to operate ranges 3.1VP-P Typ.

BA7649AF on PCB

Our BA7649AF has a large dynamic range. It has a sync-tip inputs and wide range operating frequency.

It means that the video input signal synchronous edge is aligned in the same voltage.

Since BA7649AF devices are video-signal switching IC, it contains a clamped-input multiplexer with three-channel. Because the impedance of the input is extremely large, you can use clamp capacitor in a small value. We recommend you to use a 0.01µF capacitor.

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BA7649AF Features

BA7649AF Features

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In addition,RANTLE BA7649AF contains one 2-input circuit or 3-input circuit video signal switch (display signal). These 2-input pin and 3-input pin formats is sync-tip clamp input. It matches the video signals or display signal synchronous tips to the same potential. A small clamp capacitor is utilized through to the inputs that have a high impedance configuration. Using 0.01 F ceramic capacitor is highly recommended.

RANTLE BA7649AF switching speed is fast and has a little switching noise. That’s why the superimposed of the device can be applied. The BA7649AF have used low value clamp capacitance with a minimum of 3000 pF ceramic capacitor.

BA7649AF Distributor

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Absolute maximum ratings (Ta = 25°C)

BA7649AF Absolute maximum ratings

BA7649AF Block diagram

BA7649AF Block diagram

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