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  • Reasonable price forr SI4421DY
  • FET style P-channel
  • 20V drain to source voltage (Vdss)
  • minimum of 1.8 V up to a maximum of 4.5 V drive voltage
  • power dissipation: 1.5 W max
  • SI4421DY

RANTLE SI4421DY is a discrete semi-conductor with FETs transistor and single MOSFET. It also has an active part status. It also has a metal oxide technology and FET style P-channel. Our SI4421DY provides 20V drain to source voltage (Vdss). It also has current to continuous drain at every 25°C for 10 A.

SI4421DY Supplier

RANTLE SI4421DY does have a minimum of 1.8 V up to a maximum of 4.5 V drive voltage. RANTLE SI4421DY has a drain source resistance of 8.75mOhm at every 14A, 4.5V. It also has a source to gate voltage up to 8.75mOhm at every 14A, 4.5V. Our SI4421DY is designed with gate charge that is about 125nC at every 4.5V.

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Additionally, RANTLE SI4421DY features a maximum of source to gate voltage up to ±8V. It also has a maximum of 1.5 W power dissipation. Our SI4421DY provides -55°C to about 150°C (TJ) normal operating temperature. It also has a surface mounting type design. Moreover, RANTLE SI4421DY is a lead and halogen-free. It is also a TrenchFET power MOSFET.

Moreover, RANTLE SI4421DY has a single configuration and enhancement channel mode. It provides 6 ns rise time and 6 ns fall time. It also offers one channel and N-channel transistor polarity. With the features mentioned, RANTLE SI4421DY is highly suitable and applicable for game station. It is also the best to use for a load switch.

SI4421DY Distributor

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SI4421DY board

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