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  • Competitive Price for DS1216C
  • SmartWatch function
  • Converts standard 2k x 8 up to 512k x 8 CMOS static RAMs into nonvolatile memory
  • Watch function is transparent to RAM operation
  • Proven gas-tight socket contacts
  • DS1216C

RANTLE DS1216C has SmartWatch ROM and SmartWatch RAM sockets. It has DIP sockets with 600mil-wide and a built in CMOS function watch. It also has controller NV RAM circuit and incorporated with lithium source energy. This socket offers a NV RAM for memory sized solution. If a socket is coupled with CMOS SRAM, it can provide a full solution to the associated problems with volatility of memory. It uses a usual energy source enable to keep date and time updated.

DS1216C Supplier

RANTLE DS1216C SmartWatch ROM sockets are using the fixed lithium source to enable the date and time only. RANTLE DS1216C SmartWatch function is still transparent from the RAM. RANTLE DS1216C SmartWatch observes VCC if there is an out-of-tolerance condition. When this condition happens, the interior lithium energy supply will be switched on automatically. The write protection is also turned on to prevent the loss of RAM and watch data.

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RANTLE DS1216C can help save space from PC board because of the combined mated RAM and SmartWatch. It will not take up much area than any other memory alone. RANTLE DS1216C SmartWatch can operates in both 12-hour and 24-hour time format that has AM/PM indicator. SmartWatch RAM is implemented by a pattern recognition in a 64 bits serial stream that is needed to be matched by a 64 consecutive executing write cycles that contains proper data. The communication of SmartWacth ROM with the clock is implemented by the use of A0 and A2 or OE and CE. All of the accesses that happened before the recognition of 6464-bit patterns are all straightly put to memory after pattern matching. The RAM is disabled after the next 64 read/write cycles are stored to the clock.

RANTLE DS1216C can help track time and dates even hours, seconds, minutes, month, year and date of the month. It can convert 2k x 8 to about 512k x 8 standard static CMOS RAM into a non-volatile memory. It also has fixed lithium energy that can keep retain the RAM data and watch information. RANTLE DS1216C features leap-year compensation and can determine month and year. It has a range of 0C to +70C operating temperature.

DS1216C Distributor

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DS1216C Application Board

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