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  • Fast shipment with DPA425R
  • Eliminates up to 50 external components–saves space, cost
  • Thermally efficient TO-263-7C (R package) option for high power applications
  • Lower cost plastic DIP surface mount (G package) and through-hole
  • Integrates 220 V high frequency MOSFET, PWM control
  • DPA425R

RANTLE DPA425R is IC family that introduces the integrated highly solution for every application of DC-DC conversion for input range of 16 VDC up to 75 VDC. TOPSwitch and another proven topology is used by DPA425R switches for integrating MOSFET, fault protection and PWM control for cost effective performance as well as any control circuitry that is attached on the individual CMOS chip. With the use of three configurable pins, RANTLE DPA425R will enable higher performance.

DPA425R power Mosfet

RANTLE DPA425R removes external components from 20 up to 50 which will save space and cost. It incorporates high frequency up to 220 V PWM control and MOSFET. For ≤35 W designs, it has DIP surface minimal cost plastic and via hole.

Our DPA425R also removes all the exterior sensing current circuitry. It has a fixed auto-restart for the protection of open looping and overloading. It does have 300 to 400 kHz selectable pins with fixed frequency. With RANTLE DPA425R, it has 16 to 75 VDC voltage range in an under-voltage line. It also has connected source tab that minimizes EMI.

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RANTLE DPA425R features shutdown protection when there is line overvoltage. It also has lower cost for synchronous rectification. The UV/OV line will shut down that limits the transformer winding voltage range. Our DPA425R has complete soft-start integrated for a minimal overshoot. It also has programmable external current limit. This also has a fly back or forward topology design. It also supports cycle skipping that regulates zero load with no pre-load. For automatic recovery, it is designed with thermal shutdown. RANTLE DPA425R is designed with energy efficiency and consumes extremely low power with no load. It does have light load that allows higher performance standby efficiency. At RANTLE, you are rest assured that you can have the incredible featured DPA425R.

DPA425R Distributor

Additionally, RANTLE DPA425R is applicable in many ways including digital phones. It is also applicable for VoIP phones. Moreover, it ideally suited for central telco office equipment such as PABX, ISDN, xDSL, etc. Furthermore, it is functional for 24 V or 48 V bus power distributed architectures and industrial controls. With RANTLE, you will have DPA425R that will suit your needs.

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DPA425R Description

DPA425R Description-1

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DPA425R Applications

DPA425R Applications

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