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  • Good Price for 2SC1567-R
  • High collector-emitter voltage
  • Optimum for the driver stage of low-frequency and 40 W to 100 W output amplifier
  • Requires no insulation plate for installation to the heat sink
  • Low collector saturation
  • 2SC1567-R

RANTLE 2SC1567-R is an epitaxial planar type silicon NPN. It is designed for high power driver with low-frequency. Our 2SC1567-R comes with high voltage of collector-emitter VCEO. It is optimum for a low-frequency driver stage and has an output of 40 W to 100 W.

2SC1567-R Supplier

RANTLE offers a wide range of 2SC1567-R for power amplification, and low frequency amplification. Also, it is widely used for audio and visual equipment power supply including VCRs and TVs. Also, for industrial equipment including DC-DC converters.

As RANTLE 2SC1567-R is used for power amplification, it comes with various features. It includes high speed switching, excellent package with withstand 5 kV voltage guaranteed. For low frequency amplification, it also has a feature such as high forward current transfer ratio hFE. The device incorporates a built-in Zener diode.

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2SC1567-R Features

2SC1567-R Features

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Reliable 2SC1567-R Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE can provide 2SC1567-R with high DC current. It gained minimum of 4000 hFE. Our 2SC1567-R has a voltage with low collector saturation. Also, we provide 2SC1567-R with a minimum variation of Lot-to-Lot for reliable operation and robust performance of the device.

Additionally, RANTLE 2SC1567-R is a low noise figure at low power operation and gain high power. Our device is perfect for Industrial, audio and visual equipment because it has a high-speed switching. Also, it has superior transfer ratio forward current linearity. And has radial taping for allowing automatic insertion.

2SC1567-R Distributor

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2SC1567, 2SC1567A Absolute Maximum Ratings

2SC1567, 2SC1567A Absolute Maximum Ratings


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