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  • High speed motion detection – up to 45 ips and 20G
  • Programmable frame rate over 7080 frames per second
  • Serial port burst mode for fast data transfer
  • Single 3.3 volt power supply
  • Four-wire serial port along with Power Down, and Reset pins
  • ADNS-6010

RANTLE ADNS-6010 is a mouse sensor laser. It is designed for hole PCB mounting. The ADNS-6010 has a motion detection speed of 20G and 45 ips.

ADNS-6010 board

It has over 7080 programmable frame rate per second. Also, it has a self-adjusting SmartSpeed frame for its optimum performance. The device is designed for fast data transfer due to its serial port burst mode.

RANTLE ADNS-6010 comes with cpi selectable resolution, four-wire serial port, and reset pins. It has on-chip circuitry laser fault detection for Eye Safety Compliance.

Our RANTLE ADNS-6010 is widely used in mice for console game, computer games, desktop PCs, portable PC’s, and workstation. Also, useful for laser trackballs and integrated input devices.

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ADNS-6010 Features

ADNS-6010 Features

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All RANTLE ADNS-6010 is designed with LaserStream technology basis. It can acquire sequential images, and able to determine the magnitude and direction of movement. It comes with Image Acquisition System, and Digital Signal Processor. The Image Acquisition System acquires the microscopic surface images through illumination system and lens.

Moreover, RANTLE ADNS-6010 Digital Signal Processor can process microscopic images to determine the distance of motion and direction. It can calculate the relative displacement values.  Also, the microcontroller of the device can translate data into USB and PS2 signals before delivering to the game console or host PC.

ADNS-6010 Distributor

RANTLE ADNS-6010 has two operation modes. It is the DC and the shutter. The laser is ON in DC mode when chip is powered all times except power down mode through NPD pin. Also, the laser is ON in shutter mode during the light of frame portion is required.

Under normal conditions, ADNS-6010 generates the laser diode ADNV-6340 drive current. It is designed to maintain the power of output beam. In single fault detection, the device is able to detect fault circuit or short circuit condition at the XY_laser and RBIN pins. It could be lead to excessive power output laser.

ADNS-6010 Application Board

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ADNS-6010 Description

ADNS-6010 Description

ADNS-6010 Applications

ADNS-6010 Applications

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