• Competitive Price for ADNS-6230-001
  • Serial port burst mode for fast data transfer
  • High speed motion detection – up to 45 ips and 20G
  • Single 3.3 volt power supply
  • Laser fault detect circuitry on-chip for Eye Safety Compliance
  • ADNS-6230-001

RANTLE ADNS-6230-001 is design for mechanical coupling to other components.

ADNS-6230-001 is one of the most the popular laser-illuminated systems. Higher performance navigation was this system enables. The ADNS-6230-001 forms a complete and compact tracking systems. ADNS-6230-001 provides high performance which is capable to sense high speed motion.

ADNS-6230-001 Supplier

RANTLE ADNS-6230-001 is preferably fit for corded and cordless applications. ADNS-6230-001 is well-suited for PC’s, workstations, computer mouse, portable PC’s, laser trackballs, webcams, scanner, and many more input devices.

This ADNS-6230-001 offer smoothest and high precision navigation controls. Rantle can manufacture huge range of ANDNS-6230-001. Resolutions are up to 2000 counts/ inch and the velocities are up to 45 inches/ seconds as well as, 20G accelerations.

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Agilent ADNS-6230-001
Laser Mouse VCSEL Assembly Clip

Agilent ADNS-6230-001


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Reliable ADNS-6230-001 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE ADNS-6230-001 as a precision moulded optical component, carefully handled is a must to prevent scratching of the sensitive parts. ADNS-6230-001 can be mounted into designated features on the base surface. In Rantle, the ADNS-6230-001 is engineered by our team of professionals. They have rich experiences in manufacturing so you could assure products great performance, reliability and safety.

Rantle manufacture ADNS-6230-001 with our state of the art technologies, which allow you to save time and lower cost. As a reliable electronic manufacturer in China, Rantle continuously design and develop innovative components to meet your requirements and business demands. Our skilled workers will help you throughout the process, so you could guarantee, you’ll get the exact device for your component.

ADNS-6230-001 Distributor

With over 16 years of expertise, Rantle can create wide range of ADNS-6230-001, which suits every application. From computers to healthcare devices, household appliances, Rantle develop electronic components effectively. Each and every electronic we offer is at a very competitive cost. We can send your order from immediately after getting payments. Rantle will always support and deliver absolute solution for your electronics challenge.

Whether you are working in electronic company, or repair stations, and you need electronic component for designing, Rantle serves as your one-stop-shop solution. Rantle has very accommodating costumer service staffs to response and assist with your inquiries. Rantle worked very hard to aim our customers’ satisfaction.  We provide 24/7 online support to each and every customers.

ADNS-6230-001 LASER MOUSE Components

Rantle also offer customize ADNS-6230-001 products to sustain your product line needs. Custom and standard ADNS-6230-001 product are offered in highest quality. Our professional sales team will provide you quality service as well as fast delivery for your every ADNS-6230-001 orders.

So please feel free to get in touch with us as our staff will respond you immediately.

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