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  • Works with Existing COM Port PC Applications
  • Single-Chip USB to UART Data Transfer
  • Asynchronous Serial Data BUS (UART)
  • On-chip power-on reset circuit
  • CP2102-GM

RANTLE CP2102-GM is a highly-integrated USB-to-UART Data Transfer. It is a single chip that give an easy solution for updating RS-232. The CP2102-GM comes with a 2.0 full-speed USB controller function, an oscillator, USB transceiver, and EEPROM. No requirement of other external Universal Serial Bus (USB) components.

CP2102-GM Supplier

RANTLE CP2102-GM on-chip EEPROM is programmed by the on-board via USB. Thus, it is easy to integrate the programming step into the testing process and product manufacturing.

It is design for upgrading the RS-232 devices to USB, and USB interface cellular phone cable. Also, useful for USB to RS-232 adapter, and PDA USB interface cable.

CP2102-GM Application

The EEPROM on-chip of CP2102-GM device can be used in customizing a USB Vendor ID, Product Description String, and Device Release number. Also, for Power Descriptor,Device Serial Number, and Product ID.It is all desired for OEM applications.

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CP2102-GM System Overview

CP2102-GM System Overview

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Reliable CP2102-GM Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE CP2102-GM USB controller can manage all the data transfer between USB and UART. It can also manage the command request that are generated by USB host controller to control the function of the UART. The CP2102-GM supported a USB resume and suspend as well as external circuitry. CP2102-GM device can detect suspend signaling on the bus. Thus, the device will enter a suspend mode.

CP2102-GM provided by RANTLE has a device driver comes with two sets. It is the Direct Access USBXpress drivers and the VCP or Virtual COM Port. The Virtual COM Port can be used in the CP2102-GM device as a COM port to appear the PCs application software. The USBXpress drivers allowing to interface with CP2102-GM device through to its provided alternate solution. CP2102-GM can access the software application that runs on the PC. It also accesses the standard COM port hardware.

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RANTLE can provide you an electronic component to meet the needs of your application. Sourcing an electronic component has never been easy. But we can solve your most difficult component sourcing problem.

We are independent distributor of electronic components for years. We can provide you theCP2102-GM IC. We are your trusted IC distributors. Besides, we have founded a long-term business relationship with the global famous electronic companies.

At RANTLE, there are thousands of CP2102-GM IC available. With almost 15 years of service, RANTLE give you the best quality and high-standard CP2102-GM IC. We have a huge number in stock for immediately deliver.

We offer swift delivery of your CP2102-GM. Your order will be able to reach your desk within 2-5 business days.

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CP2102-GM CP2102 USB UART Board

We have our quality control team who spending more time to ensure the quality of all the parts we deal.

CP2102-GM Absolute Maximum Ratings

CP2102-GM System Overview CP2102-GM Absolute Maximum Ratings

CP2102-GM Global DC Electrical Characteristics

CP2102-GM Global DC Electrical Characteristics

We commend you our highest quality CP2102-GM IC without troublesome and your order will be reach within 2-5 days. RANTLE provide 30 days warranty. We can save your time and money.

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CP2102-GMR Distributor – Your best CP2102-GMR Supplier in China

RANTLE is an independent IRFP064N distributor. Using advanced processing mechanics, we grant an extremely effective and trustworthy CP2102-GMR component. Excellently use a wide kind of business and industrial purposes.

Any CP2102-GMR, We are Your Source! 

RANTLE distributed CP2102-GMR for use in an extensive range of device applications. It is also a single-chip USB to UART bridge IC. The CP2102-GMR has no extra external USB components are needed. Rantle can render high-quality CP2102-GMR a manageable solution for updating RS- 232 designs to USB utilizing a minimum of components and PCB space. Any form device will be more effective and trustworthy.

Additionally, Rantle great powered CP2102-GMR can use it as a powerful tool to produce all varieties of PC interfaced projects. CP2102-GMR help serial communication protocol to produce USB devices very efficiently. Rantle produces CP2102-GMR that has a high-quality capability. Any form of device will be extra efficient and secure.

CP2102-GMR Supplier

Professional CP2102-GMR Distributor – Rantle East Electronic

Rantle provides CP2102-GMR for great industrial and business utilization. It is suitable to use where high strength levels that limit the utility of devices. Rantle CP2102-GMR is produced in our advanced technology.

Rantle distributes CP2102-GMR chipset durable and reliable. It accurately works under -40 to +85 temperature. CP2102-GMR can be used to migrate legacy serial port based devices to USB and can benefit a cost-effective project.

Rantle sales CP2102-GMR across the globe. Wherever you are, we can fulfill your CP2102-GMR to your home. Rantle is your reliable source of all varieties of electronic components, mainly CP2102-GMR.

Rantle grants accelerated delivery on CP2102-GMR. In just 2-5 operation days, you can certainly get your order. Through our worldwide top couriers, trouble-free delivery guarantee. Moreover, we render a 1-month warranty service on each segment.

Rantle produced high-quality CP2102-GMR at competitive prices. Our products absolutely suit your budget. With outstanding service, Rantle will be your most reliable one-stop source.

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Unitedly with our skillful and expert team, we can manage your orders precisely to detail.

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