• Works with Existing COM Port PC Applications
  • Single-Chip USB to UART Data Transfer
  • Asynchronous Serial Data BUS (UART)
  • On-chip power-on reset circuit

RANTLE CP2102-GM is a highly-integrated USB-to-UART Data Transfer. It is a single chip that give an easy solution for updating RS-232. The CP2102-GM comes with a 2.0 full-speed USB controller function, an oscillator, USB transceiver, and EEPROM. No requirement of other external Universal Serial Bus (USB) components.

RANTLE CP2102-GM on-chip EEPROM is programmed by the on-board via USB. Thus, it is easy to integrate the programming step into the testing process and product manufacturing. It is design for upgrading the RS-232 devices to USB, and USB interface cellular phone cable. Also, useful for USB to RS-232 adapter, and PDA USB interface cable.

The EEPROM on-chip of CP2102-GM device can be used in customizing a USB Vendor ID, Product Description String, and Device Release number. Also, for Power Descriptor,Device Serial Number, and Product ID.It is all desired for OEM applications.

CP2102-GM System Overview

CP2102-GM System Overview

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RANTLE CP2102-GM USB controller can manage all the data transfer between USB and UART. It can also manage the command request that are generated by USB host controller to control the function of the UART. The CP2102-GM supported a USB resume and suspend as well as external circuitry. CP2102-GM device can detect suspend signaling on the bus. Thus, the device will enter a suspend mode.

CP2102-GM provided by RANTLE has a device driver comes with two sets. It is the Direct Access USBXpress drivers and the VCP or Virtual COM Port. The Virtual COM Port can be used in the CP2102-GM device as a COM port to appear the PCs application software. The USBXpress drivers allowing to interface with CP2102-GM device through to its provided alternate solution. CP2102-GM can access the software application that runs on the PC. It also accesses the standard COM port hardware.

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CP2102-GM Absolute Maximum Ratings

CP2102-GM System Overview CP2102-GM Absolute Maximum Ratings

CP2102-GM Global DC Electrical Characteristics

CP2102-GM Global DC Electrical Characteristics