• Competitive Price for ADNS-6130-001
  • Resolution counts up to 2000 per inch
  • Serial port burst mode for fast data transfer
  • Laser fault detect circuitry on-chip for Eye Safety Compliance
  • High speed motion detection – up to 45 ips and 20G
  • ADNS-6130-001

RANTLEADNS-6130-001 is laser mouse bundles with high performance. It is the world’s first system laser-illuminated enabled for navigation.

Driven by LaserStream Technology, the mouse is able to operate many surfaces. Thus, it is not difficult to navigate traditional LED-based.

RANTLEADNS-6130-001 is capable of sensing high-speed mouse motion through to its architecture’s high performance. Its resolution counts up to 2000 per inch, up to 45 inches velocities per second (ips) and 20G of accelerations.

RANTLEADNS-6130-001 is molded optical component. That is why it should be handled with care to avoid the optical surfaces to be scratch.

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Agilent ADNS-6120 and ADNS-6130-001

Laser Mouse Lens

Agilent ADNS-6120 and ADNS-6130-001 Laser Mouse Lens


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Reliable ADNS-6130-001 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLEADNS-6130-001 is powered for highlysensitive user. It can form a compact and complete tracking system of laser mouse together with the ADNS-6010 sensor, ADNV-6340 laser diode, and ADNS-6230-001 clip. Less maintenance and high reliability for the end user because there are no moving parts in the device.Moreover, ADNS-6130-001 can provide long creepage path for ESD events because it has a large round flange.

In addition, RANTLEADNS-6130-001 or ADNS-6120 laser mouse lens is designed for ADNS-6010 sensor use. The VCSEL and VCSEL assembly clip can provide illumination system of ADNS-6130-001. They can provide optical imaging and directed illumination for achieving laser mouse sensor proper operation.

ADNS-6130-001 Supplier

RANTLEADNS-6130-001 or ADNS-6120 has a mechanical coupling provided by the ADNS-6230-001 VCSEL Assembly Clip. Thus, it is able to achieve the proper alignment of illumination. It is required for the sensor to operate on surfaces wide variety.

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ADNS-6130-001 Laser Mouse board

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