Professional UPD75P4308GS Supplier in China

  • Competitive Price for UPD75P4308GS
  • Compatible with µPD754304
  • Can operate in the same power supply voltage
  • Adopts a compact shrink SOP package
  • Memory capacity: PROM : 8192 × 8 bits and RAM : 256 × 4 bits
  • UPD75P4308GS

RANTLE UPD75P4308GSfeatures larger ROM capacity. It also supports the use of prototype testing to develop systems and small-lot production. RANTLE UPD75P4308GS can also adopt a SOP package and a compact shrink.

It can also work with corresponding voltage of power supply. Users of RANTLE UPD75P4308GS can register program to µPD17P236.

UPD75P4308GS Datasheet

RANTLE UPD75P4308GS has a circuit carrier generator and register method with general-purpose.

We also offer program memory of 32 Kbytes and 223 × 4 bits of data memory. Our RANTLE UPD75P4308GS can detect low-voltage circuit and carrier generation supported by clock selection designed with P1A0 pin input and output.

RANTLE UPD75P4308GS provides pins adaptable with µPD17236, 17233, 17236 and 17231.

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Reliable UPD75P4308GS Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE UPD75P4308GS are microcontrollers that has a single-chip with 4-bit that is best for infrared powered remote controls. It is also ideal for portable systems and toys. Users can register program to RANTLE UPD75P4308GS. That is why RANTLE UPD75P4308GS can be best applied for production of small-scale for µPD17230 and for experimental production.

RANTLE UPD75P4308GS incorporates 17K architecture design of common purpose. This is for register type of devices for CPU. It can straightly perform operation for memories rather than standard method of performing operations via accumulator. Furthermore, you can efficiently program all the 16-bit, 1-word instructions.

UPD75P4308GS Distributor

Additionally, RANTLE UPD75P4308GS can write data in one place only. It is more convenient when evaluating programs or experimental productions for application systems. It has watchdog timer with 1 channel without output. It has changeable execution time for instructions with fX 4 MHz.RANTLE UPD75P4308GS has pin for external interrupt. It is also made with CMOS technology and has carrier waves which allows fabrication of key matrix.

RANTLE UPD75P4308GS offers 62 basic instructions and 4 levels of subroutine nesting. It also has reset circuit to power on when shutdown. RANTLE UPD75P4308GS provides detectors when the voltage drops.

UPD75P4308GS Application Board

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