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  • Competitive Price for BFQ19S H6327
  • NPN Silicon RF Transistor
  • 10 mA to 70 mA of collector currents up to 1.5 GHz
  • low noise broadband amplifiers
  • low distortion
  • BFQ19S H6327

RANTLE offers a wide range of BFQ19S H6327 IC. The BFQ19S H6327 is an NPN Silicon RF Transistor. It is designed for low distortion and low noise broadband amplifiers in telecommunications system and antenna. It provides 10 mA to 70 mA of collector currents up to 1.5 GHz.

All BFQ19S H6327 IC is manufactured by the epoxy molded and epitaxial planar process in a surface mount package. This BFQ19S H6327 is specifically designed for general purpose, very high current amplifier, and ultra-high-speed switching applications.

BFQ19S H6327 Supplier

RANTLE BFQ19S H6327 is an NPN Silicon RF Transistor in a space saving power surface mount package. It is designed for DC-DC converters for motor control, LAN cards, mobile system, strobe flash units and power management. It is also designed for handheld services and battery driven requiring low and high current VCE voltages.

RANTLE offers high quality BFQ19S H6327 and other electronic components. We always want to give you our most valuable services. Fast delivery is also provided by RANTLE. We can deliver your BFQ19S H6327 and other electronic components to your home or warehouse for only 2-5 days.

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BFQ19S H6327 Distributor

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About BFQ19S H6327

Low Noise Silicon Bipolar RF Transistor
• For low noise, low distortion broadband
amplifiers in antenna and
telecommunications systems up to 1.5 GHz
at collector currents from 10 mA to 70 mA
• Pb-free (RoHS compliant) package
• Qualification report according to AEC-Q101 available

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