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  • Latch-Up Performance Exceeds 200 mA Per JESD 78
  • TCA8418RTWR

RANTLE TCA8418RTWR is widely used for smartphones, PDAs, digital cameras, mp3 players, and GPS devices. It can able to operate power supply voltage which ranges up to 1.65 V to 3.6 V. It is supported by keypad operation QWERTY and has expansion of GPIO.

The TCA8418RTWR is also suited for a limited GPIOs processors usage.  It is also useful for application of an edge triggering and for software development.

Controller IC TCA8418RTWR

RANTLE TCA8418RTWR comes with ESD protection. It is designed for a keypad scan device. It has 18 input/outputs general purpose (GPIO) and can able to operate 1.65 V to 3.6 V.

It is useful to support via I2C interface up to 80 serial data keys.

TCA8418RTWR comes with key controler which includes oscillator. The key controller can maintain FIFO in 10 byte of key press and debounces at 50 µs.  It releases the events and can store keys up to 10 with a capability of overflow wrap.

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RANTLE TCA8418RTWR has an interrupt output. It can be releases as they occur and configured to presses of alert key or at the maximum rate of the device. It has a CAD_INT included for an YFP package. Thus, it is able to indicate CTRL-ALT-DEL key press action detection.  The major benefit of TCA8418RTWR can frees up the processor from scanning the keypad for releases and presses. This provides bandwidth savings and power.

RANTLE TCA8418RTWR is capable to deasserting an interrupt while having a pending event for 50 µs. The interrupt pin is asserted already in deassertion results of a 50 µs when the INT_CFG bit is set in register 0x01 to clear interrupt bit in any attempt. The processor interrupt will remain asserted when the INT_CFG was cleared if thehost is trying to manifest the interrupt pin.

TCA8418RTWR Distributor

Moreover, RANTLE TCA8418RTWR has a bidirectional I2C bus.This I2C bus is consists of serial data lines or SDA and serial clock lines or SCL. The SCL and SDA through a resistor pullup should be connected in toa positive supply when it is connected to the stages output of a device. If the I2C bus is not busy, it can be initiated by data transfer.

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TCA8418RTWR Application

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