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  • 180 mA forward current
  • 240 mA forward pulse current
  • 0.8 up to 1.2 V or 5 mA reverse voltage
  • -40 up to 100 °C operating temperature
  • storage temperature ranging from -40 to about 100 °C
  • 350 °C for every 3 seconds hand soldering
  • 120 °C junction temperature
  • NS2W757AT-V1

RANTLE NS2W757AT has a 180 mA forward current. It also has 240 mA forward pulse current. It does have an 85mA reverse current. Our NS2W757AT is designed with a 0.8 up to 1.2 V or 5 mA reverse voltage. It also has up to 630mW power dissipation. It also provides a -40 up to 100 °C operating temperature.

RANTLE NS2W757AT also offers a storage temperature ranging from -40 to about 100 °C. Additionally, for every 10 seconds, it has a 260 °C reflow soldering, soldering temperature. It also has 350 °C for every 3 seconds hand soldering. It does have a 120 °C junction temperature.

NS2W757AT-v1 supplier

RANTLE NS2W757AT features a 3.05 V or 150 mA forward voltage. It also provides a 60.4lm (150 mA) luminous flux. Our NS2W757AT also offers a luminous intensity for about 20.2cd. It also has a 6500k correlated color temperature. It does have a rendering color index of 83° and viewing angle up to 120°.

In addition, our NS2W757AT also has a MidPower LED with 0.6W. Our NS2W757AT is also incorporated with multi LED chip and 133lm typical efficiency. This device is designed with a low dimensions and neutral white light color. Moreover, RANTLE NS2W757AT has a lower power consumption.

With the features mentioned, RANTLE NS2W757AT can be used in many ways. It can be usually used in a LED luminaries and lamps. Additionally, it can also be use in a specific LED solution. Furthermore, RANTLE NS2W757AT can be perfectly and ideally used for a LED panels.

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