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  • Fast Shipment with NCP1117ST18T3G
  • Output Current in Excess of 1.0 A
  • Adjustable Output Voltage Option
  • Operation to 20 V Input
  • Reference/Output Voltage Trimmed to ±1.0%
  • Current Limit, Safe Operating and Thermal Shutdown Protection
  • NCP1117ST18T3G

RANTLE NCP1117ST18T3G series has the ability to provide excess of 1.0A output current. This is because of its voltage regulators that has positive low dropout.

RANTLE NCP1117ST18T3G has a dropout voltage of 1.2V maximum at 800mA temperature. Our NCP1117ST18T3G has 1.5V, 12V, 5.0V, 2.85V and 2.0V stable output voltages. These voltages have least load requirement for its regulation maintenance.

NCP1117ST18T3G Supplier

RANTLE NCP1117ST18T3G offers adjustable output that is programmable from 1.25V up to 18.8V. It also comes with two different external resistors.

You can adjust our NCP1117ST18T3G output voltage up to ±1.0% accuracy by chip trimming. RANTLE NCP1117ST18T3G has also current output limiting. It is incorporated with area compensation for safe operation and thermal shutdown.

We also offer NCP1117ST18T3G that can hold up to 20V input for operation. RANTLE NCP1117ST18T3G is available in DPAK and SOT-223 packages.

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NCP1117ST18T3G Features

NCP1117ST18T3G Features

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RANTLE NCP1117ST18T3G provides output current from 0.8V to 1.0A. RANTLE also provide NCP1117ST18T3G with space-saving effect because of its thermal characteristics. It has NPN transistor that ensures the high efficiency of our NCP1117ST18T3G. You only need 10µF minimum capacity for the stability of operation. Our NCP1117ST18T3G has compatible pin with other convertible voltage regulators. It helps maintain better performances of tolerance and drop.

RANTLE NCP1117ST18T3G features excess of 1.0A output current. It doesn’t require minimum load for output devices fixed voltage. Our NCP1117ST18T3G also features adjustable options for output voltage. It is safe to operate and has protection for thermal shutdown. RANTLE NCP1117ST18T3G has low voltage dropout typically 1V. It also has thermal and internal current limit. We also offer NCP1117ST18T3G that has voltage rejection supply up to 75dB. RANTLE NCP1117ST18T3G are available in lead (Pb)-free packages.

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RANTLE NCP1117ST18T3G is designed to increase the efficiency of white LED performance. It has external parts that makes it suitable for battery-powered usage. Its thermal shutdown helps the device to avoid damage because of continual short-circuit. Our NCP1117ST18T3G is best used for point of regulation for industrial and consumer equipment. RANTLE NCP1117ST18T3G encompasses a wide range of uses including battery chargers and post regulation power switching supply. Also, it can be used for 2.85V version vital SCSI termination.

Are you looking for a verified and trusted supplier of NCP1117ST18T3G IC and other electronic components? Choose RANTLE to be your number 1 supplier of electronic components. You can choose from our 300 high-quality model number including NCP1117ST18T3G. Sourcing NCP1117ST18T3G IC has now become easy!

NCP1117ST18T3G Board

RANTLE always aim to help your business succeed by providing high quality electronic components including NCP1117ST18T3G IC. For more than 15 years, RANTLE become the leading distributor and supplier of electronic components. Through our established good connections with famous electronic companies worldwide, we are able to distribute electronic components globally.

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NCP1117ST18T3G Description

NCP1117ST18T3G Description

NCP1117ST18T3G Applications

NCP1117ST18T3G Features

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