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  • Competitive Price for GSWA-4-30DR
  • excellent repeatability, specification limits 4.5σ typical from mean
  • high isolation
  • low video break thru, 30 mVP-P typical
  • low DC power consumption,120mW typical
  • GSWA-4-30DR

RANTLE GSWA-4-30DR offers non-reflective switch with low insertion ability and high isolation.

The switch contains integral TTL adaptable driver that has fast switching capacity. It also has five TTL controls that function independently.

GSWA-4-30DR Supplier

RANTLE GSWA-4-30DR features the best repeatability. It also has limited specification of 4.5σ and has high isolation.

It provides low break thru for videos. RANTLE GSWA-4-30DR consumes low DC power up to 120mW and typically 30 mVP-P. It has SMA connectors with high broad-band frequency which is highly sealed with high isolation.

RANTLE GSWA-4-30DR also has solder pins best for DC connections and RF ports SMA connector.

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GSWA-4-30DR features

GSWA-4-30DR features

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Reliable GSWA-4-30DR Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE GSWA-4-30DRhas miniature outline and removable connectors for SPDT miniature and which is non-reflective switch. It is fast switching and TTL compatible. RANTLE GSWA-4-30DR also provide 5V supply of voltage from integrated driver. All its ports are non-reflective and HBM class 1A ESD rated. Our GSWA-4-30DRis RoHS compliant and lead-free.

RANTLE GSWA-4-30DR provides a 0.5 – 18 GHz PIN diode. It has a built-in TTL driver which is high-speed with two control lines. The field changeable connectors keep integration straight to microstrip applications. It is incorporated with insertion loss of 0.5 dB. It also has 45dB @ 0.9 GHz isolation.

GSWA-4-30DR Distributor

Additionally, RANTLE GSWA-4-30DR offers +5V operation positive voltage. It also has leadless package of MLF 5 by 5 mm. Our GSWA-4-30DR has integrated serial-to-parallel silicon driver and attenuation ranging from 0.5dB steps up to 15.5dB.

Furthermore, RANTLE GSWA-4-30DR can be used for switch matrices and cellular-based station. Our RANTLE GSWA-4-30DR provides wide range of uses such as ground base application. This is also perfect for airborne and naval uses. Typically, RANTLE GSWA-4-30DR is suitable for wireless data, control circuits with local loop and base station. It is especially designed at IF frequencies in which increased attenuation accuracy is required. Our GSWA-4-30DR is surely perfect for your needs.

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Choosing RANTLE means that you are assured that you can get an excellent quality  GSWA-4-30DR IC. We also have our quality control team who strictly ensure the quality of all the parts we deal.

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