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  • Fast Delivery with B1224LS-1WR2
  • Subminiature SIP package
  • High power density
  • International standard pin-out
  • Isolation voltage: 1.5K VDC
  • Efficiency up to 80%
  • B1224LS-1WR2

RANTLE offers B1224LS-1WR2 for electrical power system, intelligent building, and telecommunications. Also provide power supplies for automotive electronics, industrial control, rail transportation, instrumentation, medical devices, and others.

B1224LS-1WR2 are mostly used in constant-current source fields, and impulse capacitor in a high voltage.Our B1224LS-1WR2 meets EMI standards and has additional external components recommendation. Thus, it is suited for computer network industry, workstation, servers, LANs/WANs, and power distributed architecture. This can provide fast transient response high current for high speed chips. These chips include DSP, ASIC, and FPGA.

B1224LS-1WR2 Supplier

Additionally, RANTLE B1224LS-1WR2 comes with an ultra-high and ultra-wide DC input which feature high reliability, high insulation, high efficiency, and high level for safety protection. Thus, it is suitable for SVG renewable energy industries, DC conversions in a high voltage, and photovoltaic power generation. Even in an abnormal working condition, it can provide stable and safe operating environments and guarantee features of multiple protection.

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RANTLE B1224LS-1WR2 comes with non-isolated input, over-current protection, and single output. B1224LS-1WR2 DC/DC converters features short-circuit protection, compact size, and high power density.

Our B1224LS-1WR2 can operate a range of -40~+105℃/-40~+85℃ operating temperature and single/dual output. Also, B1224LS-1WR2 devices are switching regulators with high efficiency. It is low radiation, no heat sink requirements, and low loss which makes ideal for the applications mention above.

RANTLE offers B1224LS-1WR2 switching regulator that are non-isolated. The output voltage of B1224LS-1WR2is accurately adjustable. The user can adjust it from 0.75 V to 5.0 V. B1224LS-1WR2 featured with over-current protection, fast transient response, high efficiency, output short circuit, and input under-voltage.

B1224LS-1WR2 Distributor

RANTLE B1224LS-1WR2 output load should be at least 10% of the full load to ensure the efficiency and reliability of the module work during the operation. The output terminal in a parallel is connected to the resister when the output power is low.

At RANTLE, there are thousands of B1224LS-1WR2 IC available to meet the requirements of your different applications. We are independent distributor of electronic components for more than 15 years. Also, we deal B1224LS-1WR2 IC worldwide. Besides, we have founded a long-term business relationship with the global famous electronic companies.

If you choose RANTLE, you are assured for having an excellent quality of B1224LS-1WR2 IC. We can provide you the highest quality electronic components at the most affordable prices. Our quality control team is spending more time to ensure the quality of all the parts we deal.

Sourcing an electronic component has never been easy. However, RANTLE can solve your most difficult component sourcing problem. We have over three hundred thousand part numbers in stock for immediately deliver. We can save your time and money.

B1224LS-1WR2 General Specifications

B1224LS-1WR2 General Specifications

B1224LS-1WR2 Physical Specifications

B1224LS-1WR2 Physical Specifications

We commend you our highest quality B1224LS-1WR2 IC without troublesome and your order will be reach within 2-5 days. RANTLE provide 30 days warranty.

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