• Competitive Price for FP3-1R0-R
  • 155°C maximum total temperature operation
  • Low profile high current inductors
  • Design utilizes high temperature powder iron material with a non-organic binder to eliminate thermal aging
  • • Frequency range up to 2MHz
  • FP3-1R0-R

RANTLE FP3-1R0-R has total maximum operation temperature of 155°C. It also has low profile inductors for high current.

RANTLE FP3-1R0-R provides inducting capacity ranging from 0.1uh up to 15uh.

FP3-1R0-R Supplier

It is designed to utilize the non-organic binder’s iron material which has increased temperature powder. This helps to remove thermal aging. RANTLE FP3-1R0-R has 34.7Adc current rating.

It also has frequency ranging increased to 2MHz. RANTLE FP3-1R0-R shielded magnetically and has low EMI.

RANTLE FP3-1R0-R features modifiable modular design which is highly configurable. RANTLE FP3-1R0-R also provides modular components called the off-the-shelf. It also has guide pin which is actively designed. Our FP3-1R0-R has hot removable contacts up to 35A. It also features blind-mating and successive mating designed for signals and powers.

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RANTLE FP3-1R0-R has also terminations for press-fit and solder. RANTLE FP3-1R0-R provides low insertion energy.RANTLE has a reliable FP3-1R0-R that has drop and reduced voltage temperature rise. RANTLE FP3-1R0-R can handle more currents especially when attached to boards with 5 oz busbar or copper.

RANTLE FP3-1R0-R can be stored in a storage area temperature of -40°C to +155°C. Operating environment temperature of RANTLE FP3-1R0-R ranges from -40°C to +155°C. It also has maximum of +260°C every 10 seconds of temperature for solder reflow.

FP3-1R0-R Distributor

Additionally, RANTLE FP3-1R0-R has a broad range of uses such as applications for energy storage. It is also ideal for DC-DC converters and devices that uses portable power. RANTLE FP3-1R0-R can also be used for computers and application for output-input filer. RANTLE FP3-1R0-R is best used for laptop and notebook regulator.

Furthermore, RANTLE FP3-1R0-R is highly suitable for graphic cards and battery powered systems. It is also applicable for aerospace-powered applications and UPS power supply. Our FP3-1R0-R can be best use for desktops and EVRDs or VRMs servers.

You can also use RANTLE FP3-1R0-R for point-of-load modules and telecommunication. Power connections like board-to-board connections can also use RANTLE FP3-1R0-R. As well as file servers and multi-phase regulators can also use RANTLE FP3-1R0-R.

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FP3-1R0-R Application

RANTLE has thousands of high-quality FP3-1R0-R IC available to support your business. For more than 15 years, we became the leading independent supplier of electronic components. We distribute FP3-1R0-R IC globally. By the help of experience, we have established a long-term business relationship with most popular electronic companies worldwide.

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FP3-1R0-R Description and Applications

FP3-1R0-R Description and Applications


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