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  • Enhance isolation barrier between input and output
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  • Single-transistor output
  • SFH6186-3T

RANTLE is widely used in telecom, office machine, industrial controls, and battery powered equipment. It also applicable for cable tv, broadcast systems, and channel adjacent suppression.

It is available in intermediate frequencies at a standard video and it supported a worldwide broadcast standard.

RANTLE SFH6186-3T contains VSB filters for television signal filtering. Some model of signal filtering provides high suppression for the audio carrier.

SFH6186-3T Supplier

Other signal filtering model pass the audio carrier without the use of attenuation. Pulse performance of VSB filters are characterize in excellent linear phase and delay ripple which group is low.

Additionally, VSB filters yield superior 2T AND 20T pulse performance. Thus, it maintaining a high rejection of adjacent channels and provide superior in-band performance.

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Reliable SFH6186-3T Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE SFH6186-3T provides an enhance isolation barrier between input and output by using coupled technology. It has a single-transistor output and it is optocoupler in unidirectional input.

RANTLE SFH6186-3T comes with CTR degradation in low mode. Depending on forward current our SFH6186-3T has a good CTR linearity. Our SFH6186-3T is featuring various couplers. It has a transient immunity in a high common mode. SFH6186-3T has a capacity in enabling low coupling and comes with isolation test voltage. The couplers of the device are end-stackable and has a lead spacing with 2.54 mm. It also features transfer ratio in a high current, high isolation voltage, and has a capacity in low coupling.

SFH6186-3T Distributor

Our SFH6186-3T has a diode emitter infrared in a GaAs. This diode emitter is coupled to phototransistor detector of silicon planar which is incorporated in a plastic SMD package, and DIP- package. Diode emitter and phototransistor detector are united which are designed for transmitting signal between the two separated circuits.

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SFH6186-3T Application

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