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RANTLE TDA7052BT is a 0.5 W and 1 W mono BTL or Bridge-Tied Load output amplifiers. The device has a DC volume control. Thus, it is capable to deliver a 1 W power output to an 8 ohms load using a power supply of 5 V.

TDA7052BT Supplier

The TDA7052BT device comes with mute mode, thermal protection, short circuit proof, and has excellent overall stability. Also, the device consumes low power. It has no switch-off and switch-on clicks, few external components, low HF radiation, and has ESD protection on all pins.

RANTLE TDA7052BT are designed to use for TV and monitors, portable consumer products, telephony, and personal computers. It is also widely used for radio and battery-fed portable recorders. Our TDA7052BT contained in a small outline 20-lead package.

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Reliable TDA7052BT Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE TDA7052BT has a built in MCL or Missing Current Limiter. A Missing Current Limiter circuit is activated when the current of output terminal exceeds 100 mA of each amplifier. Thus, the level of 100 mA is best suitable for single-ended headphone applications.

Moreover, RANTLE TDA7052BT circuit contains a digital volume control, standby/mute logic, and a BTL power amplifier. All RANTLE TDA7052BT comes with a various package. It includes in an 8 pin SO package and an 8 pin DIP package.Every different output power has a different package supplied.

TDA7052BT Distributor

We are independent distributor of electronic components for years. Also, we deal TDA7052BT IC worldwide. Besides, we have founded a long-term business relationship with the global famous electronic companies.

Sourcing an electronic component has never been easy. However, RANTLE can solve your most difficult component sourcing problem.With almost 15 years of service, RANTLE give you the best quality and high-standard TDA7052BT IC.

At RANTLE, there are thousands of TDA7052BT IC available to meet the requirements of your different applications. We have a huge number in stock for immediately deliver. We offer swift delivery of your TDA7052BT. Your order will be able to reach your desk within 2-5 business days.

TDA7052BT Application

If you choose RANTLE, you are assured for having an excellent quality of TDA7052BT IC. We can provide you the highest quality electronic components at the most affordable prices. Our quality control team is spending more time to ensure the quality of all the parts we deal.

We highlyrecommend you our highest quality TDA7052BT IC without troublesome and your order will be reach within 2-5 days. RANTLE provide 30 days warranty. We can save your time and money.

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