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  • Under voltage lockout
  • Thermally isolated channels
  • Circuit breaker mode
  • Short circuit protection with thermal shutdown
  • Fault status flag with 3ms filter eliminates false assertions
  • MIC2026-1YM

RANTLE MIC2026-1YM are broadly used for Notebook PC’s, USB peripherals, hot swap PC card, PDA’s, ACPI power distribution, and many others.

These are switches designed with high-side MOSFET. Thus, it is perfect for general-purpose distribution of power requiring circuit protection.

Moreover, our MIC2026-1YM is best suited for hot plug inrush current-limiters applications.

MIC2026-1YM Supplier

RANTLE MIC2026-1YM features input and output, thermal shutdown, power dissipation, and current sensing. It has a maximum of 140mΩ on-resistance and has a minimum of 500 mA continuous current per channel. MIC2026-1YM is able to operate range 2.7 V to 5.5 V. The channels of the device are thermally isolated.

Our MIC2026-1YM are compatible with MIC2526 devices. It has a low quiescent current and soft-start circuit.

The transient fault of the devices is internally filtered. MIC2026-1YM are available in packages with SOIC 8-pin.

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MIC2026-1YM Features

MIC2026-1YM Features

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RANTLE MIC2026-1YM have thermal shutdown and is internally current limited. This could protect the loads and devices. It reduces consumption of a current in a fault mode through the “smart” thermal shutdown in the device. It is designed to defend the device from compensation. The thermal sensor was employed by each channel.Our MIC2026-1YM is able to eliminate false assertions through the 3ms filter fault status flag. It can minimize inflow current in an application that employed in a capacitive load through to the soft-start circuitry employed in a device.

Additionally, RANTLE MIC2026-1YM features limiting andcurrent sensing which is internally preset. It allows 500mA current delivered to the load and can minimize damage in the external load and device. The MIC2026-1YM present a high impedance due to the integrated charge pumps is off. When the integrated charge pump is turn on, the device become a low impedance slowly.

MIC2026-1YM Distributor

RANTLE MIC2026-1YM output is latched off when fault occurs in a thermal shutdown until faulty load is terminated. It can reset the device output when toggling the enable input or removing the load. During thermal shutdown and over current conditions, the fault status output flag is asserted.


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MIC2026-1YM General Description

MIC2026-1YM General Description

MIC2026-1YM Applications

MIC2026-1YM Applications

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