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  • Competitive Price for EPF10K10TC144-4N
  • Embedded array for implementing mega functions, such as efficient memory and specialized logic functions
  • Logic array for general logic functions
  • Multi Volt I/O interface support
  • 10,000 to 250,000 typical gates
  • EPF10K10TC144-4N

Rantle EPF10K10TC144-4N can be used without lessen the logic capacity. It has 10,000 to 250,000 characteristic gates which designed with high density, and has RAM bits up to 40,960.

The Embedded array of EPF10K10TC144-4N can be usable for implementing vast functions like producing memory and to apply technical functions.

EPF10K10TC144-4N Supplier

Rantle EPF10K10TC144-4N can synchronized to the input data rate that oscillates between a high and low state and can be able to use by the receiver to clock the incoming data.

Rantle introducing EPF10K10TC144-4 which are designed with low power consumption so it can minimize the dynamic power consumption of the device.

Additionally,it has a typical specification of standby mode which operate in less than 0.5 mA in allowing the devices to consume less power. The EPF10K10TC144-4 is selectable for PCI compliance and it included pull-up clamping diode.

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EPF10K10TC144-4N Features

EPF10K10TC144-4N Features

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our EPF10K10TC144-4N is supported by 5.0-V PCI buses and has fewer loads. It enforces high-speed and high-fan-in logic functions due to its cascade chain. Logic functions are widely used in micro controllers, microprocessors, electronic embedded system and in and electrical circuits.

Rantle distributing EPF10K10TC144-4N designed with flexible interconnect. It has a structure of FastTrack® Interconnect routing continuously for fast predictable interconnect delays. Our EPF10K10TC144-4N is designed to execute arithmetic functions like fast adders to carry problem addition, Counters to fix number of count sequence, and comparators which enable to carry chain. The said arithmetic functions are automatically used by mega functions and software tools.

EPF10K10TC144-4N Distributor

Additionally, Rantle EPF10K10TC144-4N has a powerful I/O pins designed with programmable output slew-rate. This could be able to control and reduce switching noise. Each device has an individual tri-state output that enable such device to control each pin.

All Rantle EPF10K10TC144-4N integrates entire systems including multiple 32-bit buses to provide the density, speed, and features. Our EPF10K10TC144-4N are customization at run-time, conventional reconfigurable devices are less dense and slower than regular integrated circuits. Thus, the designers unrequired to induce test vectors for fault coverage purposes. To meet the specific functionality requirements,the EPF10K10TC144-4N can be configured on the board.


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EPF10K10TC144-4N General Description

EPF10K10TC144-4N General Description

FLEX 10K 5.0-V Device Absolute Maximum Ratings

FLEX 10K 5.0-V Device Absolute Maximum Ratings


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