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  • compact size water proof or sealed connector
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  • wire to wire application
  • use for automobile connectors
  • 7283-8852-30

RANTLE has a wide range of 7283-8852-30 IC. The 7283-8852-30 device is a Rh Connectors. This connector has a feature of compact size water proof or sealed connector.

The 7283-8852-30 has a tab width of 0.64 mm or .025 inches of a male terminal. It is also having a size of 0.3 to 0.85 mm2 of covering wire.

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RANTLE 7283-8852-30 housing has a front holders and internal lances for terminal position assured. This terminal has a clean body of tangle with less concept. Thus, it can be widely use for the HS connectors.

The 7283-8852-30 RH connectors are available in two ways connection, the wire to devices and wire to wire application.

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Additionally, RANTLE 7283-8852-30 devices are widely used for automobile connectors. The automobile connectors are used for wire to wire. It is also used for wire to devices including wiring harness, power supply, and electrical signals.

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7283-8852-30 CONSTRUCTION

7283-8852-30 CONSTRUCTION

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