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  • Fast Shipment with HOA0901-011
  • Phototransistor output
  • Infrared emitter and phototransistor detector in a single package
  • Low profile for design flexibility
  • Designed for short-distance detection
  • Unfocused for sensing diffused surfaces
  • HOA0901-011

RANTLE offers cost- effective performance HOA0901-011 for many potential applications.

It is well suited for printers and copiers, liquid-level sensing, metering and data storage. Also useful for motion control, automated transaction, scanning, drop sensors, barcode readers, and medical equipment.

HOA0901-011 Supplier

RANTLE HOA0901-011 comes with a side-looking plastic package, and has a phototransistor output.

It has a phototransistor detector and infrared emitter in a single package. It is designed with enhanced sensitivity and comes with unfocused for diffused surfaces sensing.

We have HOA0901-011 device which has low profile for flexibility design. The device is designed to detect a short-distance.

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HOA0901-011 Features and Benefits

HOA0901-011 Features and Benefits


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Reliable HOA0901-011 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE provide HOA0901-011 devices with miniature infrared sensor. It is designed for reflective objects sensing at short distances. The phototransistor and infrared emitter are mounted side by side with integral barrier. Thus, it is able to minimize crosstalk.

Moreover, RANTLE offers HOA0901-011 with encased phototransistor and infrared emitter side by side on converging optical axes. When the reflective object passes its field of view, the phototransistor will respond to radiation from infrared transmitter.

HOA0901-011 Distributor

RANTLE provide HOA0901-011 which has a wide operating temperature ranges from 55 °C to 100 °C. Our HOA0901-011 comes with 28 AWG PVC insulated wire leads. Additionally, it is packed with metal can components.

RANTLE HOA0901-011 comes with dust protective filter and plastic-molded component.We provides HOA0901-011 devices that are ambient light. IR transmissive filter is employed to the device to minimize visible ambient light effects. Also, it can prevent the airborne accumulation because it has a smooth optical face provided.

HOA0901-011 transfer molding provide enhanced performance of optical centerline. We offer HOA0901-011 which has the ability to provide polarity identification simple method through staggered lead lengths. Also, provide high contrast reflective applications ratio where unwanted background reflection is a possibility.

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Transmissive Encoders HOA0901-011

Transmissive Encoders HOA0901-011

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