MIC5219-2.5YM5 Wholesaler in China

  • Fast shipment with MIC5219-2.5YM5
  • 500mA output current capability
  • Low 500mV maximum dropout voltage at full load
  • Extremely tight load and line regulation
  • Ultra-low-noise output
  • Low temperature coefficient
  • MIC5219-2.5YM5

RANTLE MIC5219-2.5YM5 has an effective voltage linear regulator.

It has an increased peak current output capability. Our MIC5219-2.5YM5 has 1% better than voltage output accuracy and very-low-dropout voltage. RANTLE’s MIC5219-2.5YM5 dropout is usually 10mV light loads.

MIC5219-2.5YM5 Supplier

RANTLE MIC5219-2.5YM5 is designed to supply a peak current output for starting up conditions wherein inrush high current is needed.

It is also layout and packaged with continuous current output. When it is turned off, power consumption will decrease up to zero.

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MIC5219 Features

MIC5219 Features

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Reliable MIC5219-2.5YM5 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE MIC5219-2.5YM5 features 500mA output peak rating. It can be turned on or off by a CMOS or TTL adaptable design. Our MIC5219-2.5YM5 also has a minimized current dropout ground to help extend the battery life. RANTLE MIC5219-2.5YM5 also features protection for reversed-battery and shutting down when over temperature.it also has current limiting and lower noise performance that has ultra-low-noise level options.

MIC5219-2.5YM5 Distributor

RANTLE MIC5219-2.5YM5 has an adjustable or stable space-saving output voltage up to 6-pin. It also has an 8-pin and SOT-23-5 MSOP packages. It also features current output capability up to 500mA with package of SOT-23-5. Our MIC5219-2.5YM5 has a maximum full load dropout voltage up to 500mV.

RANTLE MIC5219-2.5YM5 offers ultimately tight load and also line regulation. We also offer MIC5219-2.5YM5 with ultra-low-noise output and coefficient low temperature. It also has thermal and current limiting. Additional to this feature is the near-zero current shutdown.

RANTLE MIC5219-2.5YM5 provides a vast variety of usage including palmtop computers. It is also applicable for notebooks and laptops. If you have cellular telephones, then our MIC5219-2.5YM5 is best to be use. Our MIC5219-2.5YM5 is also suitable for any battery-powered equipment. Also, it is ideal to be used in personal or consumer electronics. VPP switching regulation and PC card can also use our MIC5219-2.5YM5. Moreover, RANTLE MIC5219-2.5YM5 is now perfect for DC-DC modules and linear high-efficiency power supply. RANTLE MIC5219-2.5YM5 is also applicable for SMPS post regulators.

MIC5219-2.5YM5 board

RANTLE knows that sourcing of MIC5219-2.5YM5 and other electronic components is somewhat difficult. That is why, we are always ready to be at help. Our goal is to be part of your business’ success. We, at RANTLE, will provide you one stop solution for all of your MIC5219-2.5YM5 sourcing problem. Choose from our 300 model numbers available from us. It is always available for immediate delivery.

If you choose us to be your number one MIC5219-2.5YM5 IC supplier, you can assure the quality of your MIC5219-2.5YM5. We will give you the best quality and best after sales services. Every year, we have distributed thousands of electronic components worldwide. Our up-to-date and strict quality control team works hard to make sure the best quality you can have.

RANTLE has more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Through this, we have built a good relationship with the best and popular electronic companies in the world. We became the most trusted supplier and distributor of electronic components worldwide.

RANTLE will always satisfy your needs. Always working hard to fully meet your high standard requirements.  If you have more questions, feel free to ask us!


MIC5219 General Description

MIC5219 General Description

MIC5219-2.5YM5 Applications

MIC5219-2.5YM5 Applications


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